Lychee Slicer 3.3 – What’s new!

In just a few months, Lychee Slicer has become the software of choice for thousands of resin 3D printing enthusiasts and has earned the trust of most figurine and miniatures Patreons and 3D model creators.

With version 3, we have raised the bar even higher, responding to the demands and expectations of our users with major changes in terms of functionality and performance. Many functions have been rewritten or optimized and new tools have been created to help you prepare your models for 3D printing faster and more efficiently. Some changes are obviously not “features”, but the work done under the hood will make the preparations of your 3D prints a breeze!

This fundamental work started several months ago and we continue to give all our energy to bring you a software that will make you want to print even more with your 3D printer.

If you wish to follow our development more closely and access our betas, we invite you to join our Discord server. The community is very active and part of the team is present daily at your side.

Performances and memory

A lot of work has been done on memory management, which should help a lot in complex scenes with high-resolution 3D models and a lot of supports.

Lovers of 3D printers build plates filled with miniatures will immediately notice the performance boost! Manipulation of 3d models is instantaneous, control is total.

The support engine has been drastically improved to gain from these changes. Manual supports creation will be a lot faster and more responsive.

Up to 75% speed gain in operations such as slicing, but also managing your scenes, raft creation, undo/redos, and much more.

Global Features

3D Printing History

Keep track of the history of all your 3D prints, based on exported slices. Add comments, correct the printing time, and evaluate the quality of the resulting print.

Import resin/printing settings from slices and History

It is now possible to retrieve 3D printing settings from your history or by importing an existing slice. The layer height, exposure time, speed, and other values will be extracted, letting you use them for your next prints.

Shortcut editor [PRO]

Get access to a new Shortcut editor, located in preference. You can edit the existing shortcuts with regular hotkeys, but also using a sequence of keys, like “ALT+R, E”.

The sequence is great as it lets you always start with the same command, then following it with your desire key.

New resin and printing time calculation

You will now have in a few seconds an accurate calculation of the amount of resin needed for your scene. You will also be able to calculate the printing time and cost.

The printing time is often inaccurate due to unknown parameters in your printer firmware. Add the time used to print a layer in your settings and you will have the closest time estimate!

On the left, the time per layer has been specified. In the center, the total time has been calculated in Lychee Slicer. On the right, you can see that the final printing time is very close to the estimated time.

Improved anti-aliasing

3D model by Bold miniatures, photo by DosGrajos

We updated the antialiasing with a new grey level offset feature. We did some other changes to the AA and fix some issues with some Anycubic printers (update your printer’s firmware!).

External tools

We have added connections with third-party tools. Send an STL directly to Netfabb if you installed it on your computer or send your final slice to the UVTools utility (which we highly recommend!).

You can even run command-line applications at the end of the slice.

Scene management

Arrange Tool

We have created a new arrangement tool dedicated to the organization of your 3D models on your build plate: it limits the number of manipulations and will not affect your model’s supports in any way. Well-organized prints in a few clicks.

New Object List

We changed the Object Lis:. It’s now a part of the toolbox on the left, and you can leave it open. For each model, you can find stats by clicking on the small triangle on the left. All your 3D models in one place.

Manual Supports

Manual Supports Continuous mode

A new mode has been added to the manual creation of media to continue the current action. By pressing the ALT+Shift keys, repeat the media you just created with the same parameters.

Suppose you want to create a mini support fan, start by creating a mini support with ALT+CTRL keys, then simply press ALT+Shift and click on the model to create as many mini supports with the same starting point. This also works with the creation of bracing, parent, and normal supports.

Free Floating Support in Advanced mode [PRO]

The Pro version allows free-floating support using the CTRL key in Support Advanced mode. Keep the CTRL key pressed while dragging the gizmo’s arrow key to disconnect the tip and/or the base from the object/floor, allowing you to create floating pillars for advanced (and some madness) support holders/pillars.

Import/Export Support Settings [PRO]

You can import/export Support presets located in the “Custom” dropdown and build your own library or simply sharing them with other Lychee Slicer users.

It will create a file including all the parameters you saved before in the Custom section.

More presets [PRO]

To avoid typing the same settings over and over again, it is now possible to save your favorite values for the Hollowing and the Rafts.

Simply recall them with a single click.

Other Support additions

  • Auto Support can now be generated only from the build plate and not from the model, or only in the hollowed parts.
  • [PRO version] A new cylinder shape type has been added for the tip of the supports
  • [PRO version] The support cube base can now be set at 45° angle.
  • A new action, “Make Support Pilar”, in the support right-click menu (ALT+P) will turn the selected support(s) to straight support from top to bottom.
  • A new option to select only the supports’ bracing has been added in Supports > Select Bracing Support menu.
  • Supports can now start or be connected to the tip of existing supports.
  • We improved the island detection for tiny/thin shapes, like spikes.

3D Printers additions and changes

As usual, we continue to add new 3D printers to our list of supported machines. We do our best to offer maximum compatibility with the advanced features of the Pro version, such as variable layers.

  • Phrozen Sonic XL 4k
  • Creality LD 006 – variable layer height and transition layers compatibility
  • Elegoo Mars 2 – variable layer height and transition layers compatibility
  • Elegoo Mars with DIY 250 mm Z height modifications
  • Voxelab Proxima
  • Phrozen Mighty – variable layer height and transition layers compatibility

The Z-axis height of 3D printers is now editable, in the Pro version. It can be useful for users who do modifications on Z-Axis or that add a flexible plate and need to adjust the height of the 3D printer.

And more!

There are of course many other more minor changes and improvements to the application, of which the following is a shortlist. We invite you to consult our changelog to learn more.

This is the list of all the other minor additions. Please check the full changelog, including all the additions and bug fixes on the download page.

  • The gizmo for the Move, Scale and Rotate in the Layout section is centered on the selection. The operation is applied to the whole selection as a single group.
  • The slice filename is now using the scene name, when available.
  • The lift value can now be set to 0 as a minimum value and not anymore 1mm. It was confusing for some users who wanted to create automatic supports for models that are directly on the build plate.
  • [PRO version] Hollowing 3D wall thickness value can be set to 0.5. It was before 1mm. Please keep in mind that using such low value is only for advanced users.
  • We did a clarification in the EULA for the commercial/non-commercial usage of the application. Both Lychee Slicer Free and Pro license allow you to use the application for commercial usages.ut section.

Lychee Slicer 3.3 is now available for all users of the application, either as a free version or with a Pro subscription. Download the latest version from our download center or directly from the software.

Join our community now on our Discord server. It’s free and we are already several thousand to exchange and share around 3D printing with Lychee Slicer.

Publication date: March 9, 2021