Lychee Slicer Christmas 2022

Are your Christmas Gifts already done?

Finding the perfect Christmas gift idea for someone can be really tricky!

Looking for something special for someone? Have a small budget? Wanting to create something? We know the struggle!
We have collected a selection of gifts you can print and gift to your loved ones (or to yourself!).
And the good news is, as Lychee Slicer is now for both Filament and Resin 3D Printers, we have provided a selection of 3D models from both types of printers so you can print and put them under the Christmas Tree this year!

Firecamp Christmas Gift

To warm your interior (and your heart)

This fire camp light is perfect for cozy winter evenings. Grab your hot chocolate, your plaid sweater, and switch on a good Christmas movie. Enjoy your night!

Tips: you can use a transparent or orange filament for the “flame” part.

File by Yohann Tony

Wine Holder

For the wine lovers

We all know someone who likes to enjoy a good bottle of wine! You can print this 3D model to be a perfect match with your bottle of wine.
As a big part of the team is located in France (and near Bordeaux!), we can also validate this gift!

Tips: use changing filament color or paint it in the color of the wine you will offer to have a “wow effect”!

File by The AndrewSink

Christmas house gift

Big project for the hard core printers

This big lighted house is a really huge project, but it was too beautiful not to be in our selection! It can be gifted as a kit, or directly assembled, it’s up to you!

Tips: choose different filament and a good light set to have a beautiful effect on the house

File by FULV

Jumping Frog Gift idea

Kids fun games!

As we couldn’t decide, we selected 3 ideas for children! Choose the one you prefer and settle in for some good fun!

Tips: use a variety of colors or filaments to make it even more playful!

Model 1: Jumping Frog by Jonathan K1906

Model 2: Finger Toys by Ammar20

Model 3: Pet Bowling by Shira

Cat bowl Christmas gift

Cat + decor = best combo

These cute bowl cats are perfect for an even cutter interior. Scale the 3D model for different bowl sizes, and create a cute collection!

Not a fan of cats? The creator made another version with rabbits!

Tips: you can print it with different filament colors or print it in resin to paint it the way you want!

File by AndrzejG

Desk Organizer Christmas

For the Marie Kondo ones

You know that one friend, colleague or relative who loves having a tidy and organized desk? Stop searching for a gift for them, we have it! With this desk organizer, you will “spark joy” in their life! 

Tips: even if you are a beginner in 3D Printing, it can be a really easy project! Be creative with the colors to bring more fun at the office!

File by Yehia

Watering tool Christmas Gift

For watering plants, with water and cuteness

This watering cloud is really cute and funny! It can be a nice gift for children and grandparents to have a fun activity together!

Tips: you can print it in resin or in filament. Use the scale function of Lychee Slicer to make it as big as you want!

File by Z3DUS

3D Puzzle for Christmas

For the clever ones

For the smart relatives you have, here is a 3D puzzle to light their brain on fire! 

Tips: use different colors, or not, to make it more complex!

Evil tip: remove one piece and wish good luck!

File by Hyper3D

Football 3D Model

For football fans

Need to entertain the kids during the Christmas dinner, or simply a fan of football? This is a good and original idea for every football fan. 

You can also print it in pieces and let the person you are giving it to build it themselves. A good family project!

Tips: you can print the players in a tough resin (to handle some strong games!) and the structure in filament! Let your imagination go with the colors!

File by Kronosrey

Watch holder Christmas gift

Always be on time (or for your always late friend)

This modular watch holder is the best way to please a watch lover. With this they can now display them in a convenient way! 

Tips: You can print it in Filament or Resin! Don’t be shy about the color or painting choice!

File by Lakisan

Gift box

Bonus 1: Gift box!

Are you one of those people always struggling to wrap a gift? Forget the gift wrapping and all the tears and struggles with this gift box! Simply put your gift in it and voilà, let the magic happen!

Tip: use the scale functions to make sure you have enough room to fit your gift!

File by Dehapro

Gingerbread giftcard

Bonus 2: Cute Christmas Card

This cute Christmas card has a purpose: wish a merry Christmas to a loved one, and be transformed as a Ginger house!

Tip: pause the printer at a certain height to switch filament and have a two color result!

File by Nakozen

Here is the end of our selection for Christmas gift ideas! Which ones did you choose to print?
Feel free to share with us and tag us on social media or on our Discord!