Lychee Slicer Christmas 2022

Want some new and unique Christmas decorations?

Are you passionate about 3D printing and want something new, original, and funny for your Christmas decoration this year? Don’t go any further!

We have selected our Top 10 3D models for your Christmas decorations and tree ornaments! 

Whether you are a Resin or Filament lover, download your favorite 3D models, import them in Lychee Resin or Filament Slicer and print your 3D designs quickly!

Find out what we have selected for this year’s Christmas! We’re also sharing our tips so you can get the best result out of your 3D prints!

Have fun everyone! And keep printing for the Christmas Holidays!

Christmas Gnome 3D model

Your new Christmas’ Santa

During Christmas time, we always see the same Santa figurines and miniatures. If you want to have an original and very different-looking Santa… Then here it is!

Get this Gnome version of Santa! So cool and cute to put among other Christmas decorations. You can even print this 3D model in Resin or Filament. Choose the one you prefer. Or print both (so they can keep each other company)!

Tips: Use different Filament colors or paint Resin to make your Christmas Gnome look like Santa!

Design by Body3D

Christmas presents 3D model

No need for wrapping paper anymore!

Presents are usually under the Christmas tree, brought by Santa himself while everybody’s asleep (obviously!). Well, the Lychee Slicer team found the perfect 3D model to put your presents in under your tree this year. But don’t use wrapping paper for this one! Use beautiful colors of Filament.


Tips: Print this 3D model in different colors and sizes to make it look like a real present!

Model by Thudbuzz

Snowball 3D model

It’s not snowing everywhere…

Did you ever get Snowballs as Christmas decorations? But is it really snowing where you live? In the Lychee Slicer offices, here in France and Belgium, it is definitely freezing but not snowing yet… We haven’t even seen snow for a few years now.

So why don’t we print something different for once? Print colorful snowballs with the Filaments you like! You can also print snowflakes if you like.

Tips: this is also the perfect Christmas decoration if you have kids wanting to play with it. It won’t break like regular glass Snowballs.

Model by Sconnie

Grinch 3D model

“Cheer up, dude. It’s Christmas.”

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the famous Grinch! Every generation knows and watches the Grinch. It’s a classic Christmas movie!

Why don’t you get eccentric this year with a Grinch ornament for your tree?

We found out the best one and had to put it in our Top 10. Get the 3D model, slice it in Lychee Slicer and print it with your best Resin. Add some paint to it… And get yourself a Grinch for Christmas!

Tips: Using Resin will give you the best result to see every little detail in the Grinch’s face. Have fun painting it as a Christmas activity during the Holidays!

Model by Vlado

Christmas house light 3D model

Get some more lights into your Home

Okay… maybe we’re cheating a little bit for this one. But we couldn’t choose! Both models are too good not to be shared!!

We also have two different models for Resin and Filament lovers! So everybody’s happy on Christmas!

These tiny houses are so cute as decorations or even as lights for your kids’ bedrooms. You just need to print it and get LED candles to put inside.

Tips: Find rechargeable LED candles in different stores like Amazon.

1st model by Jan

2nd model by Etno

Raindeer 3D model

It’s not Christmas if there is no Raindeers!

One again… We couldn’t choose only one 3D model for this Christmas decoration! You can get both Deer designs because they are slightly different. Print it with your favorite Resin, paint it and add some glitter to make it pop that extra little bit. Christmas(sy)!


Tips: Print these 3D models a little bit bigger so the Deer’s Woods prints easily without being too fragile and breaking.

Model by Yeg3D

Tree topper 3D model

Make your 3D print the star of the show!

Get a new tree topper ornament for your Christmas tree!! If you want some changes and don’t want the classic Star topper ornament on the top of your tree… This 3D model is perfect for you! It’s a very unique design and it’s super easy to print with Filament. Choose the color you want to see on top of your tree, or choose multiple Filament colors to add your own personal touch. 


Tips: Make sure you print this 3D model at the right size for your tree, so it’s big enough to see it and make it the star of the show, but not too big so it won’t fall off the tree.

Model by Dazus

Christmas tree baubles 3D model

Who wants to have new and unique Christmas baubles?

These 3D models are so cool to print and decorate your Christmas tree with your kids and family! All the models are slightly different and give you designs to put in your tree that you won’t see anywhere else!

These models are super easy to print with Filament, choose the color and the design you like and start printing!

Tips: These designs are also great if you have dogs and/or cats that have the tendency to play a little bit too much with your Christmas tree ornaments (… and sometimes even make the tree falls down!).

Model by Dazus

Christmas trees 3D models

Transform your traditional Christmas tree into a 3D print!

If you haven’t seen our recent posts on social media, you may have missed these super cute Christmas trees 3D models! We printed each one super easily with the Free version of Lychee Filament Slicer. All the processes we used are explained in the video, so go check it out (add a link to the youtube video).

You’ll get beautiful designs very quickly to add to your collection. Find all the informations on this page here (add the video’s landing page).

Tips: These 3D models are empty inside, which allows you to put a LED rechargeable candle and create a lighting Christmas tree. This adds such a cozy ambiance on Christmas night!

Model by Steve

Christmas lantern 3D model

Put some (different) lights on your Christmas tree

We love this 3D model, here at Lychee Slicer, because it can be used as a decoration alone or as a Christmas tree ornament. And that is such a fun and new way to add some light to your Christmas tree or to your home!

Print this 3D model to create a cozy vibe in your home on Christmas Eve! It’s the cutest little house you’ll see in a tree.


Tips: Print all the house’s parts, then glue them together. But don’t forget to add a small LED light inside you can turn on and off…

Model by Mess

Switch on you printer, open your Lychee Slicer, and let’s start!
And don’t forget to share with us the final results of your print!