Lychee Slicer 6 Public Beta – The beginning of a new area!

We’ve been quiet about Lychee Slicer updates in recent months. The reason is simple: we’ve been working hard on the future to prepare for the arrival of Lychee Slicer 6!

On the agenda: the rewriting of significant portions (which are invisible to you but crucial for its future), and the addition of new features that will change your everyday 3D printing experience.

We’re so excited about these new features, and those to come, that we have decided to introduce them to you in a cycle of public Betas. This cycle is available only on our Discord. Some updates will bring new features, others will fix bugs and bring other improvements. Of course, we are waiting for your feedback to make all these changes even better!

If you wish to follow our development more closely and access our betas, we invite you to join our Discord server.
Our Discord community is very active and most of the team is present daily alongside our users.

About the Public Beta

Upcoming versions of Lychee Slicer within this public beta are accessible to all users, whether Pro or Free. However, some features are only available to Pro users or users on a Pro trial.

While we’ve extensively tested the application, some changes are significant, and instabilities or areas for improvement may persist, hence the Beta designation. We believe it’s possible to use the new features in production, but please remember that this is still a beta.

You can uninstall a beta version anytime and revert to a previous stable version.

Lychee Slicer Resin: new support engine

Here’s our new generation of supports! Designed for both manual and automatic supports, they offer a more organized structure and significantly increased rigidity.

This ensures higher print quality by reducing the risk of layer shifts, especially for large 3D prints.

Model by 3dsqulpts

Pro: Automatic parenting

In action a support placement that always connects to the same support, the one closer to its position. Model by Loot Studios.

Thanks to its structured system, supports will automatically interconnect with existing supports, minimizing the presence of long supports hanging in the air.

Pro: Support bracing, adapted to the model

Notice how the supports and bracings can stabilize even tiny parts to print! Model by 3dsqulpts.

Bracing connects all supports together to stiffen and stabilize them. With our innovative new system, all your supports will be interconnected to prevent any movement during 3D printing. Even an isolated support will be reinforced to increase its stability.

Pro: A bracing editor to suit your needs

The Bracing editor with the settings on the right and the preview on the left. Model by 3dsqulpts

Because supporting a small or large 3D model, or preparing an organic or mechanical model requires different approaches, Lychee Slicer offers a bracing editor with pre-configurations. With just a few clicks, define the behavior of your bracings based on their structure and height.

Pro: Reduce print failures!

The print had a local failure at the beginning of supports. But the grid structure made up for it!

Nobody likes a failed print, least of all us! Continuing our journey for successful printing every time, adding these grid supports allows, through their structure, to address specific problems, especially when supports fail to adhere correctly.

Pro: Save on resin

On the left, the models with grid supports with 11.69 mL of resin for supports. On the right, the classic supports with a total of 44.64 mL of resin. Model by 3dsqulpts

With its unified structure, you can use thinner supports than the default ones, for example, reducing from 1.3mm to 1.0mm in diameter, using 0.8mm bracing, and, most importantly, drastically reducing the number of supports needed. Between traditional supports and grid supports, you can save up to 30% of resin for two identical models!

Pro: Update your old supports to grid supports

On the left, the original model, created with Lychee Slicer 5.4. On the right, the supports have been updated to use the grid supports, except the ones that reach the arm and are custom-made. Model by Fotis Mint

You can convert your old supports to grid supports in just a few simple steps. Activate grid mode, select all the supports, go to the Supports menu, recalculate them (ALT+R), and finally, add automatic bracing: your supports will now be up to date!

Pro: Mix free supports with grid supports

In white, supports in free mode. All the other supports are in grid mode. Model by Fotis Mint

Since this new system differs from the old one, you can use either or mix both! Grid supports are constrained to regularly spaced points, so you may want supports placed more precisely or specifically. Press the ALT key while moving a support to remove it from the grid constraint: simple and fast.
Functions like “Make Support Pillar” or “Make Support Vertical” will also disengage the function.

Free: Improved bracing

On the left, old bracing, on the right, improved bracings. Model by Loot Studios.

The free version also benefits from improvements to bracing, offering a much more effective connection between supports than the old system. However, if you still need to try the Pro version, activate your trial period to discover grid supports!

Grid Supports Tips!

  • By default, supports in Lychee are thick: feel free to use 1mm supports, especially if your vat film is nfep/acf type. The denser the grid, the smaller the diameter you can use. However, be mindful of mechanical constraints (weight, peeling).
  • Each object on the build plate has its own grid and therefore its own density, which is handy if you mix objects of different types or sizes!
  • Watch out for the spacing between grid points. A significant spacing will force aggressive support branching, potentially resulting in many attached points and thus applied forces. Wider support diameters may be necessary.

Lychee Slicer for Filament 3D printers

The free version also benefits from improvements to bracing, offering a much more effective connection between supports than the old system. However, if you still need to try the Pro version, activate your trial period to discover grid supports!

PRO: Ironing for filament printing

Probably the most anticipated feature, here’s surface ironing, available in two flavors: classic and fast. You’ll achieve a much better surface finish for your flat surfaces, ideal for top layers, especially for design objects or mechanical parts.

Hidden seams for filament printing

Layer junctions leave a mark that can be unsightly, especially with glossy filament. Easily hide these junctions in the model’s corners with a single click, print, and enjoy models with flawless surface finishes.

PRO: Boolean for filament printing

Easily add and subtract objects during slicing for your filament printers, whether to create a base suitable for a model without one, make a notch for hanging your prints on the wall, or insert magnets without using 3D modeling software.

Improved Supports at slice

Lychee Slicer offers automatic supports at the time of Gcode generation (“at slice”), which have been greatly improved with numerous options. For example, generating supports that only start from the build plate. Additionally, rafts have been added under the supports for better adhesion.

New filament and resin printers

3D Printers in Lychee Slicer

Many printers, resin or filament, have been added. Others will appear via the Cloud or be modified throughout this public beta phase. Please check for any notes associated with printers.

Resin printers

  • Anycubic Photon M5s Pro (Note: Access community resins for quick and advanced profiles, certified by Mango 3D)
  • Elegoo Jupiter SE (GOO file format only, CTB will be added in the next update)
  • Concept3D Athena 8K and 12K
  • Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo (PRZ file format only, CTB and Wifi will be added in the next update)
  • Geeetech Alkaid
  • Nova 3D Whale 3 14K series (Wifi will be added in the next update)
  • UniFormation GKTwo 12K Upgrade (Edit your GKTwo 8K printer to access the upgrade. Wifi will be added in the next update)
  • Phrozen Mighty 12K Upgrade (Edit your Mighty 8K printer to access the upgrade, PRZ file format only, CTB and Wifi will be added in the next update)
  • Peopoly Forge 7K Upgrade (Edit your Forge 6K printer to access the upgrade)
  • Epax E10 14KW and EPAX X10 14KW will be added to the cloud in few days

Filament printers

  • XYZprinting da Vinci Mini W+
  • Creality ender 3 V3 KE
  • Creality CR-10 SE
  • Comgrow T500
  • Cultivate3d The beast
  • Cultivate3d The beast v2
  • Voxelab Aquila
  • Voxelab Aquila X3
  • Voxelab Aquila X3 Plus
  • Voxelab Aquila X3 MAX
  • Voxelab Aquila S3
  • Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro
  • Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus
  • Artillery Sidewinder X4 Pro
  • Artillery Sidewinder X4 Plus

Other Improvements

Several minor improvements have been added in this version of Lychee Slicer

  • Improved slicing speed for filament printers
  • Fixes for user interface crashes
  • Improved time estimation for several Anycubic 3D printers
  • Scale tool in Layout has been fixed
  • CTB issues for Saturn 3 Printers and Firmware V 1.5.2/c41.25
  • Fixed start Gcode for Cowgrow T500, Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus / Max
  • Supports display that disappear when using Suction cup detector has been fixed
  • Supports that disapear after using search island after another model that has its island detected just before issue has been fixed.
  • Mirror issues with CTB and Saturn 3/3Ultra, Mars 4/4Ultra have been fixed.

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