Lychee Slicer Changelog – Archive

This is the Changelog Archive. All notable changes to the Lychee Slicer development are listed below for previous versions, prior 4.0. Some minor changes and additions maybe not be on this list. Internal versions may not be included.

Lychee Slicer 3.7.1

Release date: 2022-04-07

This update brings stability improvements to Lychee Slicer 3.7. It becomes our new stable release.

Please refer to the changelog of Lychee Slicer 3.7 below for more information about the latest additions.


 Bug fixes

  • Anycubic M3 and M3 Max file extensions were not the expected ones.
  • Grey pixel compensation was available for the Free users in some specific scenarios.
  • Entering negative values in the Move, Scale, and Rotate tools were not fully functional.
  • Unit for the grey compensation intensity is now only in percentage, from 0 to 100%.
  • An issue has been fixed with the light-off delay for the Anycubic Photon Ultra and the Photon SQ 3D printers.

    Lychee Slicer 3.7

    Release date: 2022-04-05

    This major update adds major features and introduces the Premium version. Most of the new additions are specific to the Pro and Premium versions.



    • New Lychee Slicer Premium Subscription, which brings Pro features plus:
      • Images support in object notes, mainly for branding purposes.
      • 4 activations per user.
      • Dedicated channels in Discord.
      • Certified resin profiles for creators.
      • And more!

    New features

    • [Pro / Premium] Batch tool automatically processes one or multiple models at once and performs a list of actions and tools (hollowing, model repair, and more).
    • [Pro / Premium] Drain holes export with STL and OBJ files.
    • [Pro / Premium] Drain holes real-time checking tool, for holes validity when exporting them.
    • [Pro / Premium] Grey pixel resin compensation: apply a different exposure on the pixel boundaries of the model, to reduce resin expansion or shrinkage.
    • Islands are now saved in the scene files (LYS and LYT).


    • Moving the model and rotating it (along the Z-axis) don’t lose island detection.
    • When imported back into the application, exported files from Lychee Slicer are no longer considered in error.
    • Improved cloud data loading/file retrieval on accounts with a lot of 3D printers and datas.
    • New splash screen.
    • Multiple various minor bugs (as usual!).
    • Better handling of ghost process when the application hang/crash.
    • [Pro / Premium] Triangle Raft now has a better topology.

    New 3D printers and profile improvements

    • Anycubic M3
    • Anycubic M3 Plus
    • Anycubic M3 Max
    • Anycubic Mono X 6K and Mono 4K: improved profile and two-stage motion (lowering speed were inversed)
    • Anycubic Photon Ultra: improved profile
    • Creality Halot One Plus
    • Creality Halot One Pro
    • Elegoo Jupiter: improved profile
    • EPAX X1 4KS
    • EPAX E10 8K
    • EPAX X10 5K
    • EPAX X133 6K
    • Dental Makers Lightbuilder
    • Dental Makers Lightbuilder Max

     Bug fixes

    • Loading issue when launching the application.
    • CTB V4 on export had issues when saving to an external drive.
    • Copying files (export, slicing, etc) have better error management when saving on an external drive.
    • History was not saved on the first launch.
    • In some scenarios, the history was displayed as empty.
    • Various minor bug fixes.

      Lychee Slicer 3.6.6

      Release date: 2022-02-02

      This update brings improvements and stability to Lychee Slicer 3.6. It becomes our new stable release.

      Please refer to the changelog of Lychee Slicer 3.6.0, 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 for more information about the latest additions.


      • Disappearing models or UI
      • The Slicing which was not ending properly for some users has been fixed.
      • We added more steps in the slicing progress bar.
      • Exporting holes as 3D meshes were not working
      • Rotation of a 3D model was not taken into account when stopping the rotation with the cursor outside the application window
      • Mirrored objects had their normals reversed when exported
      • File not found error when duplicating a 3D model
      • Improved hollowing quality with model with massive scale values
      • Prevent scene scale/mirror to be reseted during the slicing
      • Clipping bar now takes into consideration the wireframe mode.
      • Issues when duplicating models with holes
      • Loading LYT files could cause 3D models relative path errors
      • Hollowing blockers are not available after a scene update
      • Hollowing blockers in 2D were accessible for some users when they should not have been.
      • Multiple various minor bugs (as usual!)


      • Support bases were not selectable in advanced mode
      • The selection of the support element in advanced mode doesn’t change anymore when rotating the view with the right click
      • Problems with proximity detection and bracings have been fixed
      • The selection was lost when clicking on the top of the application menu

      3D Printing History

      • 3D printing History with missing thumbnails. 
      • For some users, deleted entries in History were still popping up through the notification system.
      • Print History Lazy Loading was not working.

      3D Printers / Resins

      • Creality Halot Lite: Mirror settings have been swapped to have the model facing the good direction (180° rotation)
      • Creality Halot One: the default resin profile has been modified to remove the 0 values that the printer can’t interpret
      • Creality Halot file format export memory leak
      • Epax E10 K5: changed the dimensions of the machine
      • Nova 3D Bene 5: modification of the dimensions of the machine

        Lychee Slicer 3.6.2

        Release date: 2021-12-14

        This update brings improvements and stability to Lychee Slicer 3.6. It becomes our new stable release.

        Please refer to the changelog of Lychee Slicer 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 for more information about the latest additions.

        3D Printers / Resins

        • Epax E10 5K Mono (please change CTB version to V4 in printer setting)


        Various fixes and optimizations

        • Black background when adding supports
        • Polygon count displaying Not a Number (NaN)
        • Rectangle selection not working anymore when adding to another selection
        • Repair tool removing parts of supports after importing a pre supported STL
        • Several minor bugs

        Lychee Slicer 3.6.1 Public Beta

        Release date: 2021-12-08

        This update of Lychee Slicer 3.6, offered in beta, adds support for many 3D printers and introduces our new tool to fix 3D models.
        Many improvements have been made that affect the speed of multiple features within, for example, the parameters of community resins.
        Several bugs have been fixed, and various improvements have been made.



        • New Repair tool for 3D models: It will fix the most common issues like holes, non-manifold edges, and more.
          Note: some 3D models that have been hollowed in another slicing application could have a faulty topology and may not be fixable in Lychee Slicer or other fixing tools.

          3D Printers / Resins

          • Anycubic photon Mono 4K
          • Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K
          • Anycubic Photon Mono SQ
          • Anycubic Photon Ultra
          • Phrozen Mini 8K
          • Peopoly Phenom Prime
          • Prusa SL1S
          • Kingroon KP6



          • A new debug mode has been added. It may be required to use it if the support is asking you when facing issues to help us find the cause of the problem.
          • The offline mode has been improved when our services are down or your connection is unstable.
            Note: the application is still required to connect online on a regular basis, and offline mode can only work if you were already connected to our service before facing a connection issue.
          • Improved application loading/maunching time.
          • CTB V4 (encrypted) export speed and performance improved.
          • Advertising preload system has been improved for a better experience, including better video support.


          Various fixes and optimizations

          • Halot file format V2 fixed.
          • CTB V4/Encrypted issues with a light intensity not at 100%.
          • CTB V4/Encrypted variable layers were not working.
          • CTB V4/Encrypted time estimation. Note: even the manufacturer tool is not able to provide accurate time estimation. We improved it, but while our values are good, some parameters, probably dependent on the firmware, may impact this time estimation (acceleration, etc).
          • ZCode fix for Uniz printers.
          • Black background when editing/adding supports.
          • Raft display issues when using the clipping bar.
          • Tab was able to change the application sections while doing the final slicing export.
          • Several minor bugs

          Major Release: Lychee Slicer 3.6

          Release date: 2021-11-25

          This new major release of Lychee Slicer introduces, as usual, multiple new features, functions, and improvements. Still, it is also a new version that uses a brand new data infrastructure, allowing us to develop more innovative tools in the future.

          Also, multiple public betas have been released during these last months, allowing the Lychee Slicer community on Discord to test and discover in advance several features that are now considered stable.

          We removed the access to Microsoft Azur online fixing tool as it was unreliable.

          A new concept for some functions and others to come has been introduced: the “Single Feature” mode. Once you call up a tool using this mode, the interface will disappear leaving only the functions specific to the current tool. You will then have to “exit” the tool to resume the normal workflow. The Hollow Blocker is the first feature to use this “Single Feature” mode.

          This changelog is based on all the additions and changes since Lychee Slicer 3.5 release.



          • New Community Resin Profile tool: based on the printing history of Lychee Slicer users, you can browse through all existing profiles and choose the one that suits you best, taking into account your printer and resin.
          • Single Feature mode: it’s a new workflow concept for some application functions: Once you pick a tool using this mode, the interface will disappear, leaving only the parameters and actions specific to this current tool. Then, you will have to “exit” the tool to resume the standard workflow. The Hollow Blocker is the first feature to use this “Single Feature” mode.
          • File format version for 3D printers: it is now possible to modify the slice file format that Lychee Slicer will export for your printer. Following firmware updates, some 3D printers require a new file format. Depending on your 3D printer firmware, you may have to change the version of the slice format to benefit new features and parameters. This mainly concerns printers using the CTB format (TSMC mode) and printers from the Halot family from Creality (Printing parameters in Lychee Slicer and not only the printer).
          • We updated the LYS scene file format: the file size is now ~3 times smaller than before! Less disk usage All the previous versions of Lychee Slicer until 3.1.3 can read this new file format.


          • [Pro] Object notes: Pro users can add notes to 3D models and password protect them, allowing them to share object-specific information with other Lychee Slicer, Free and Pro users. The password enables people who do not own the notes to edit them, facilitating teamwork.

           Supports / Prepare

          • [Pro] Support Tags: Add tags to your supports and make quick selections based on these tags. These tags being saved in your scene, other Lychee Slicer users will be able to use them, whether they are with a Free or Pro subscription.
          • [Pro] 2D Hollowing per Object: It is now possible to use 2D hollowing only on the models of your choice by activating the option located in the list of objects.
          • [Pro] Hollow Blockers: This new feature, which is specific to the hollowing of objects, makes it possible to locally block the removal of material by using simple 3D primitives (Cube, Sphere and Cylinders), either via 2D hollowing or 3D hollowing.
          • [PRO] We made several changes for the support join cones: they are now available with the raft, fit the adaptive mode of the support bases, and use the value you set in the settings.
          • We updated the Clipping bar preview with several internal changes (memory usage and more), and it now displays in the preview the supports in orange and not in 100% white.
          • We now display the distance between the selected support and the next one that you will create. It’s great to help you understand the distance between two supports, as it can be challenging to evaluate the spacing between two supports in the view-port.
          • ALT+Mouse wheel lets you scroll up and down in the clipping bar.
          • The layer outline is now shaded when moving the cursor over the model, making the preview easier to understand.

          3D Printers / Resins

          • Numerous resins brands, types and colors have been added when creating new resin profiles, to fit as much as possible with the Community Resin Profile tool.
          • Elegoo Mars 3
          • Phrozen Mega 8K
          • Creality Halot V3 file format for all Halot printers (It needs to be selected in the 3D printer settings, in the slicer, through the small gear icon)


          • An error message will be displayed if the layer settings are set with a very small value for its thickness (mostly because of a unit error, like 0.05 microns while it should be 0.05 mm).
          • The hollowing cylinders that are used to generate the holes can now be exported. Then they can be used in a modeling software to perform a boolean operation and create the drain holes.
          • We now display an error message when the software has a crash of the 3D view. Before, the canvas looked empty, with the model not visible.
          • Search bar to find your 3D printer: We now have so many printers that a search feature was needed!
          • We made adjustments to the Magic function. It now uses the medium setting for the automatic supports and no longer the lighter support settings. Some users had print failures because the tips were too small.

          Various fixes and optimizations

          • Memory optimization during slicing
          • Open file from URL on MacOS
          • Resin .cfg import
          • History was not saved when the slice was sent to wifi
          • Cancel in Auto Support was causing a freeze of the application
          • Hole orientation was copied on a duplicated object
          • (Correctly centered raft: square, rectangle, cylinder and grid)
          • (layer height display in export tab)
          • Display artifacts in Preview mode
          • (Too small foundation rendering to take supports in count)
          • Deselection of the current hole when adding a new one.
          • (Auto raft on object)
          • The export menu was not using the correct file extension.
          • The slicing error with the Uniz IBEE has been fixed.
          • The menu doesn’t disappear anymore when printing through USB.
          • Wrong file format after exporting through USB has been fixed.
          • Empty 3D printer and resin in the settings has been fixed.
          • Exporting a resin profile from the 3D printing History was not working.
          • We now prevent decimal values for the numbers of Burn-in layers.
          • PNG images with alpha for CWS have been fixed.
          • Islands were disappearing when exporting the model as an STL/OBJ file.
          • Changing the language is now saved to the global settings.
          • Flipping the camera was previously flipping the 3D mouse controls.
          • Advanced support editing to create bracing was not always working.
          • LYT file not finding some STL files.
          • Progress bar when loading a scene that was not finding an STL was not visible anymore.
          • Supports were avoiding holes of models that were hidden.

          Major Release: Lychee Slicer 3.5/3.5.1

          Release date: 2021-07-27

          With this major version of Lychee Slicer, you will see multiple changes in the interface et workflow.

          The “Support” section was renamed Prepare as it was never really just for supports. “Prepare” contains all of the support, raft, and hollow tools with more features coming soon!

          You’ll notice that the “Prepare” section now has dedicated buttons for each tool on the left. Clicking on Support, Raft, or Hollow buttons will open a dedicated panel with the functions and settings. Each of these now opens on the right side of the display to match the historic location of the Support settings.

          An important note, pressing the Shift key while clicking on a tab will open it without closing any other tabs. The UI state will be saved when quitting Lychee Slicer so picking up where you left off is easy.

          The “Preview” section has been merged with the “Export” section at the top of your display.

          Netfabb Online was discontinued and we’ve replaced it with Microsoft Azure as our integrated online repair tool. We’re developing our own tool to repair models, and we hope to have it ready soon!

          In addition to this interface and workflow change, we did multiple additions and changes and as usual, added multiple 3D printers and the “mods” that turn an RGB 3D printer into a mono screen one.


          • Updated interface and Workflow: renamed “Support” section to “Prepare”, “Preview” section merged in “Export”, Support, Raft and Hollow tools with separate setting panels.
          • Microsoft Azure is now replacing Netfabb Online: Netfabb (Autodesk) has been discontinued. You need a Microsoft account to use this service. The workflow remains the same.
          • New View Modes & Menu added: Accessed under the View Cube found top right of the display, you can toggle new viewing modes. View the Normals (:rainbow: very pretty!) and/or Wireframe of objects in the scene and you can toggle Flip Camera and Orthographic view options from this menu.
          • 3D model lighting has been enhanced with Matcap: The scene is now lit with integrated Matcap, giving an even more detailed and accurate view for the 3d objects.
          • 3MF file support added: You can now import 3MF files directly into Lychee Slicer.
          • The Object list can now be sorted by import order as well as by name.
          • Added a shortcut to reset the clipping bar to the home position (‘Home’ key)

           Supports / Prepare

          • Global Detection Collision [Pro] : A new tool that will analyze the model (or scene) and display all supports that collide with other objects.
          • Collision Detection in Real-Time [Pro] : Now when manipulating your supports, they will turn red if they collide with a 3D model or are too close to an object (risking merging during printing). If you switch to Advanced Support Mode, it will display which of the segments collide.
          • Advanced mode for Drain Holes [Pro] : Similar to Advanced support editing, with drain holes selected press Spacebar to activate Advanced editing mode. You get a 3D gizmo on screen to manipulate the holes (move, scale, and rotate).
            Note: the holes are displayed in partial transparency to view their depth.
          • Adaptive Support Bases [Pro] : When enabled, support bases will automatically conform with the shape of the 3D model without touching or overlapping it. If you print your model directly on the platform, support bases will not clip underneath the model.
          • Improved Island detection
          • Visual representation of islands has been improved.
          • Improved the “search to ground” function for supports.

          3D Printers

          • Creality Halot Sky
          • Creality Halot Max
          • Creality Halot One
          • Longer Orange 4K
          • Longer Orange 40
          • Nova 3D Bene 5
          • Nova 3D Elfin 3 Mini
          • Nova 3D Whale 2
          • Epax X1 4K Mono
          • Qidi 6.08 Mono
          • Qidi i-box mono 8.9
          • Voxelab Polaris
          • Yudimu Falcon Pro
          • Yudimu Falcon Plus 13.3″ 4K
          • FHD Printer mods (Elegoo Mars, Anycubic Photon,…)

          Various fixes and optimizations

          • If resin compensation is not applied to supports, then it is no longer applied to the raft.
          • Several random crashes.
          • Fix CWS Export Png Format.
          • Multiple fixes and improvements.

          Major Release: Lychee Slicer 3.4

          Release date: 2021-06-14

          This version of Lychee Slicer brings new additions like the long-awaited resin compensation* [PRO], new improvements in the anti aliasing function with better spreading of the grayscale pixels, and now manual and auto supports are avoiding drain holes.

          A lot of changes have been made under the hood, and countless hours of work that are not always visible to the end user, but these changes to the software will make our future feature implementations easier. A new public beta version with a whole range of new interesting features will be available soon after this version.

          As usual, we fixed multiple bugs, did some (well, a lot!) optimizations, and added support for as many new 3D printers as possible. We also did a major upgrade in the framework we are using which improves the compatibility of Lychee Slicer with some computers that have WebGL issues.

          Thank you for reading the version 3.4 changelog. Below you will find the most complete list of details.

          *About the resin compensation: This function reduces the effects of expansion or contraction produced by the resin during the printing process. It counteracts the well-known “Elephant’s Foot” effect.

          Some printers like the Anycubic Photon Mono X, automatically add transition layers. We have added a field in the printer settings to indicate the number of layers to be taken into account if the compensation exists for a given printer. For example, the user will enter the value 10 for the Mono X.

          Note: be careful to increase the support tip penetration value to avoid having a support that is not connected to the 3D model when using a negative compensation!


          • Various performance improvements in the application: 3D view, slicing speed, memory usage, duplication of models with supports, multiple deletions of models at once, and more.
          • A mini Theme Editor has been added in the preferences menu, to let you change some colors (overhang checker, island detector)
          • Delete all the variable layers at once by pressing the Shift key while clicking on the trash icon.
          • Camera navigation has been added to the shortcut editor.
          • The Arrange All tool is now available in the bottom bar even if no object is selected.

          Resin and 3D Printer settings

          • [PRO] Resin compensation added for overexposed layers (elephant foot effect) and regular layers.
          • Horizontal scaling factor for the plate, some users prefer this solution over the compensation function.
          • Transition layer count entry field for 3D printers that automatically add transition layers like Anycubic 3D printers, are taken into account by the resin compensation. Setting is located in the 3D printer settings (not in the resin settings).


          • Improved speed when dragging supports.
          • Quick select of all the mini supports, added in the Support menu. It will be easier to do mass editing to mini supports to add or remove a few fractions of millimeters with the help of the calculator (Calculator is Pro only)!
          • Support Error sphere: it displays a tiny globe and not the cone type shape when you try to add a support on a location that prevents you from adding this support. To enable, turn on the Preferences >> Support Menu >> “Ball shape for real-time supports in error” preference.
          • Manual and auto-supports now avoid drain holes.
          • The minimum tip size limitation has been removed.
          • Bracing on tips have been removed to avoid 3D model intersection.
          • Improved island detection and accuracy, especially in Real mode.
          • Users of the free version can remove the 3D hollowing that was created in the free version.
          • Numerous improvements on recalculation of support bracing and parenting, typically after rescaling the model.
          • New “Shift supports to new object center” function located in the Layout >> Object menu. This will correct supports that shifted when reimporting a model if needed.

          Export / Slicing

          • Antialiasing V1 has been removed. V2 becomes the default.
          • Important reductions in memory consumption during slicing (approximately 75%).
          • If you have models with topology issues, artifacts should not go to the bottom nor to the top of your 3D print volume during slicing. Of course to avoid them entirely, fix your 3D models first. No red/warning sign is the key!


          • Improved organization for recent files/imports.
          • The Object List has been improved. You can click-drag the visibility across the objects (like Photoshop). You can also hold Shift or CTRL to select multiple objects at once or totoggle the selection.
          • The Object list can now be resized horizontally, useful when you have long file names.
          • The Object list tool-tip now displays the full name on mouse-over. It was problematic before, with very long file names.
          • You can use the Shift + Up/Down keys to go 5 by 5 layers with the clipping bar.
          • You can now click in the clipping bar widget to enter a layer number and then jump the clipping bar to this layer.
          • Clipping bar orientation (top view or bottom view) shortcut has been added to the shortcut editor.
          • Clipping bar top value is updated when objects are set to hide/visible.

           3D Printers

          • Uniz IBEE
          • Qidi Tech i-box
          • Peopoly Phenom XXL
          • Epax E10 5K
          • Tianfour H400
          • Sparkmaker FHD fixes (Gcode and plate values)
          • Various corrections in the file format of the Longer 3D printers
          • Elegoo Mars with the height mod was conflicting with the auto support
          • Fix USB Printing with Wanhao Duplicator 7

          Various fixes and optimizations

          • Various fixes in the 3D Print History
          • Netfabb connection issue. Note: more fixes are expected in future updates
          • Desktop notification can be enabled/disabled in Preference
          • In some cases, there could be holes in some rafts, which have been corrected
          • Scaling issue on the Z axis that was changing the whole scene scale
          • Switching from Pro to free version, then back to Pro version, restores the original resin compensation values
          • Improvement of right-click management. In some cases, the popup would appear when attempting to rotate the view
          • Duplicate with right-click fixes
          • Scene not opening fixes
          • Base tip penetration not working for mini supports fixed
          • Copy object with auto-arrange fixed
          • Now Lychee Slicer always starts on an existing screen, preventing it starting on a non existing screen
          • Auto support “only inside” no longer deletes outside bracing
          • Fixing slice artifacts that could happen on Windows
          • In some cases, the mini supports were deformed when inserted in tight places
          • Improvement of the efficiency when selecting supports by type (via the menu)
          • Double parenting improvement with scenes created in an older version of Lychee Slicer
          • Multiple minor bugs fixed

          Major Release: Lychee Slicer 3.3.2

          Release date: 2021-03-22

          This version of Lychee Slicer provides only bug fixes and minor modifications and additions.


          • Camera navigation has been added to the shortcut editor.
          • Clipping bar orientation (top view or bottom view) shortcut has been added to the shortcut editor.
          • Arrange All tool is now available in the bottom bar even if no object is selected.


          • 10 recent file instead of 5.
          • Islands are now sorted by the Z position.
          • White color for the selected island instead of Yellow (Show function).
          • File menu has been reordered.
          • History is now in two columns.
          • Library is now in 3×3.
          • Improved the accuracy of the STL and OBJ export (welded vertices).
          • Reduced lag when deleting 3D models with a lot of supports.

          Fixes and optimizations

          • Netfabb connection issue.
          • LYS/LYT file save issue on Windows when the directory was not available
          • LYS scene import in drag and drop was causing issues on opening the scene.
          • Top view rotation always on front.
          • Show Raft in Hole mode.
          • Save History checkbox located in the Export windows was not working.
          • Opening the menus of the top bar is now only done with a click and not on hover.
          • Remanent holes or support when hovering the top bar have been removed.
          • High GPU mode switch in Settings/Global Settings (Forced to false)
          • Artifact with Pixelate/Pixelate round raft on center.
          • Prevent Preset override animation to go on top of preset buttons
          • Improved auto-opening of the left menus when hovering with the mouse.
          • 3d hollowing can now be deleted.
          • STL/OBJ Export was not exporting all the supports if their visibility was not the default one.
          • The drag of support’s base in advanced edition has been fixed.
          • Cross Support shape was crashing the application.
          • The Support Overcure slider is now working.
          • 3D printing history: improved loading time.
          • Multiple minior bug

          Major Release: Lychee Slicer 3.3.1

          Release date: 2021-03-05, updated 2021-03-09

          This version of Lychee Slicer is a major version, providing new features, but numerous improvements and changes under the hood that will speed up the application. The changelog below lists all the additions, changes, and improvements since version 3.2.1.

          Please read it carefully as it provides important information.

          Added – Global to the application

          • Memory management improvements. It should help a lot in complex scenes with high-resolution 3D models and a lot of supports.
          • Performance and memory-wise, the support engine has been drastically improved. It may not be obvious feature-wise, but it improves performances and reduces lags. You should see an improvement when working with build plates full of models and supports.
          • There are multiple improvements in speed and performance, like slice speed with scenes with large amounts of supports, raft creation/update 75% faster, scene manipulation in the Layout section, 3d models auto-arrange, undo/redos, and more. You will love to arrange your plates full of 3D models!
          • New 3D Printing History. It keeps track of your history of exported slices and lets you rate your prints. Then add comments, edit the real printing time, and more. You can export (and share) the resin settings you used for your successful print from your History. History can be disabled in Preferences.
          • You can now import resin settings from some slice files: just load a slice and a resin profile, using the slice parameters will be created. It works with most slice file formats: CTB, PW0, PWS, PWMX, PWMOSE, PHZ, CBDDLP, etc.
          • [PRO] We added a new Shortcut editor in preference. You can edit only the existing shortcuts (sorry!). It supports regular hotkeys (one letter or combine d with a modifier key like ALT, but you can also do a sequence of keys, like ALT+R, E.
          • New resin volume calculation tool: gives an estimation of the volume at any time. The estimation will be a little bit less accurate than the one performed during the exported slice.
          • New setting in resin: Time per Layer. Set the time it takes for your printer to print a single layer and enter it. The total printing time will become more accurate!
          • We updated the antialiasing with a new grey level offset feature. We did some other changes to the AA and fix some issues with some Anycubic printers.
            Note: we had some reports of problems of AA with recent Anycubic printers. Please update your firmware, most of them are not related to Lychee Slicer.
          • Improved model replacement position. In previous versions, replacing a 3D model in the Layout section was moving it if the bounding box was changed. Now, the model position remains in place, and supports are eventually recalculated. The Move Tool has an option to read and use the world position saved in the 3D file, letting you verify if two objects share the same position.
          • We added a link to external tools. You can send an STL straight to Netfabb application if you installed it on your computer or send your slice to UVTools. You can even run command-line applications at the end of the slice.
          • [PRO] 3D printers Z axis size is now editable
          • Printable XY size for the 3D printer has been added to the 3D printer settings. It lets you see the difference between the build volume and screen size, which can be different on some 3D printers.

          Added – Scene management

          • To help you manipulate your models on the build plate, we added a new Arrange tool. It lets you do only operations to translate and rotate your models without the risk of changing your supports.
          • We changed the Object List. It’s now a part of the toolbox on the left, and you can leave it open. For each model, you can find stats by clicking on the small triangle on the left. This menu will become more and more powerful over time.
          • We revert some tools organization in the Layout section (rotation/move).

          Added – Supports

          • A new quick mode has been added to the manual support creation to create new supports using the same starting point and parameters as the previous one, which is ALT+Shift hotkey. Let’s say you make mini support (ALT+CTRL), then when done, just press and hold ALT+Shift, then click on your model to create the same mini supports, starting from the same starting point. It works with manual bracing, manual parenting.
          • [PRO] Allow free-floating support using CTRL key in Support Advanced mode. Keep the CTRL key pressed in Advanced mode while dragging the arrow key to disconnect the tip and/or the base from the object/floor, allowing you to create floating pillars for advanced (and some madness) support holders/pillars.
          • Support individual slider settings in multiselection: affects only the values of the current slider and not apply all the other parameters to the selection of supports.
          • [PRO] Relative supports calculator. Add relative values to your selection of supports: add +0.2 mm to all selected support tips at once!
          • [PRO] You can import/export Support presets (in the “Custom” dropdown). Please keep in mind that it will export the presets that you have “by default”. Please overwrite your presets to be sure they are saved in the software before exporting them (no “star” next to the presets).
          • [PRO] Raft user preset. Save your raft settings and use them again later.
          • [PRO] Hollowing user preset. Save also all your hollowing parameters as presets.
          • Auto Support can now be generated only from the build plate and not from the model, and only for the hollowed parts.
          • [PRO] New support cylinder shape type
          • [PRO] Support base cube can be set at a 45° angle.
          • A new action, “Make Support Pilar“, in the support right-click menu (ALT+P) will turn the selected support(s) to straight support from top to bottom.
          • A new option to select only the supports’ bracing has been added in Supports > Select Bracing Support menu.
          • A new shortcut, Shift+V, lets you switch between the current support visibility type and the previous one. For example, switching between All and Contact point and vice-versa.
          • Improved island detection for tiny/thin shape, like spikes.

          3D Printers

          • Phrozen Sonic XL 4k (Export rewritten, consider it as a new printer!)
          • Creality LD 006 – Support Variable Layer height, Transition Layers
          • Elegoo Mars 2 – Support Variable Layer height, Transition Layers
          • Elegoo Mars new mod 250 mm (For DIY Z height modifications)
          • Fix Elegoo Mars Pro maximum Z axis at 150mm
          • Voxelab Proxima – Support Variable Layer height
          • Phrozen Mighty – Support Variable Layer height, Transition Layers

          Changes (just a few of them…)

          • We updated the visual feedback when importing, overriding, and resetting the support presets.
          • Multiple selected objects are now manipulated as a single group when rotating, translating, and scaling them. The Gizmo location is now centered on the object multiselection. The action will be performed to all the objects as a single one, not individually like it was before.
          • The bracing of two very close supports together is now possible. Select first the supports, then brace them. It works only for two supports
          • When exporting a slice, the default filename will be the LYS/LYT scene file’s name.
          • The default folder for saving the scene file is now the STL folder location.
          • Support can now be placed on support tips.
          • The Lift function can now be set to 0 (and not 1) mm for its minimum value.
          • Various changes to improve the visibility of islands when searching for them.
          • [PRO] Hollowing 3D wall thickness value can be set to 0.5 and not anymore 1mm.
          • Lychee Slicer remains in the export Menu after a slicing.
          • Gizmo misplaced onto the object within the arrival animation
          • Base Join visibility in Advanced Editing Mode
          • Raft base support override
          • Clipping bar doing only on/off
          • Warning message for files bigger than 200 Mb updated to 500Mb. This message was not an error, just a warning. Most of the time, loading large STL files is overkill as 3D printers resolution is (way) lower than 3D model one.
          • Clarification in the EULA for the commercial/non-commercial usage of the application. Both Lychee Slicer Free and Pro license allow you to use the application for commercial usages.
          • Auto-calculate print time in preference reset to false for all the users because of the new computation mode.

          Fixes and optimizations

          • Phrozen wifi printing status
          • Default Name Export Resin
          • Ask the user to select an STL if data is not found in the scene file
          • Linux App Icon
          • White 3D View after a screen-saver
          • Email domain name is no longer case sensitive for the account login.
          • Raft shape artifacts
          • USB Printing for Wanhao D7
          • AutoOrient on some objects crashed
          • Auto-Bracing do not remove bracings if they have children supports
          • App Cropped in Fullscreen mode on Mac
          • Squared Holes
          • No more cathedral support for inside support
          • Layer range colors have been improved
          • Delete a duplicated object delete every hole
          • Support error in 3D hollowing
          • Fixed the tip topology issue when using recalculating supports when in “only contact” visibility mode
          • For some users with multiple 3D printers and resin profiles, the 3D Printer and Resin manager had slow down and refresh issues. It has been fixed and optimized.
          • Parenting two supports will not delete all the bracing anymore
          • Improved undo/redo with multiple objects
          • Improved loading processes
          • Improved readability in the Recent files/import (no more long path)
          • Fixed a visibility issue with support lines with hidden objects
          • Fixed some file name issues over Wifi
          • Open/Save buttons fixed on Linux
          • Improved island detection for tiny/thin shape like spikes
          • Supports inside the hollowed part of the model were not correctly flagged. If you want to fix your existing model supports affected by the issue, click on “Add/Update” button of the 3D hollowing function. It will rebuild the hollowing and will fix the support flags.
          • Some issues related to the loading of LYT/LYS files included the same STL have been fixed.
          • Open file with a double click on Windows issue fixes
          • We fixed a memory leak during the slicing process for Nova 3D printers has been fixed.
          • Now, the Move / Arrange gizmo has some transparency on mouseover. Before, it was 100% opaque, preventing good visibility when models were below.
          • Rafts are now hidden when the visibility Inside mode is active.
          • 3D mouse support improvement.
          • Some issues with Wanhao D8 Workshop.

          Lychee Slicer 3.2.2/3 – Public Beta – 2020-12-15

          This version of Lychee Slicer is provided as a public beta as it brings new features that may impact your way of working and, more importantly, are working on core functions. They have been tested, but we advise our users not to use them in production.

          We introduced the local editing of support parameters when having a multiselection: changing one slider value will affect only this value for all the supports. Before, it was replacing all the values from the selected support.

          Besides, we added a little calculator in the Pro version, which lets you add, as an example, +0.1 mm for all your support tips of a multiselection. All the tips values will be increased by +0.1, whatever their original value.

          Finally, we introduced a preset for the raft. Save your current settings and recall them later.


          • Support individual slider settings in multiselection: affects only the values of the current slider.
          • [Pro] Relative supports calculator. Add relative values to your selection of supports.
          • [Pro] Raft user preset. Save your raft settings and use it again later.
          • Improved model replacement position. In previous versions, replacing a 3D model in the Layout section was moving it if the bounding box was changed. Now, the model position remains in place, and supports are eventually recalculated.
          • Printable XY size for the 3D printer has been added to the 3D printer settings. It lets you see the difference between the build volume and screen size, which can be different on some 3D printers.
          • Purchasing the Pro subscription can be done from within the application or can be done by opening our online store. Some users were not confident in buying from the application. Now it’s possible to decide what to do.
          • An email provider check has been added. Some providers don’t like our emails, and they n


          • Loading issue with LYS files (3.2.2)
          • 3D mouse support improvement.
          • Some issues with Wanhao D8 Workshop.
          • Version update button.
          • Various bugs.

          Lychee Slicer 3.2.1 – 2020-12-09

          This version of Lychee Slicer brings mainly bug fixes, improvements and introduces a new antialiasing algorithm ‘V2’ and the ability to import/export your 3D printers, including all their 3D resins settings.

          Wanhao 3D printers have been added. Thanks to a partnership with Wanhao, users using an account for these printers will connect to Lychee Slicer with the same account.


          • New antialiasing V2. It improves the smoothness of surfaces.
          • Supports can be antialiased or not. It is advised to disable the antialiasing on supports to avoid changing even slightly their thickness, especially on the tip location.
          • 3D Printer Import/Export, including associated resin settings.
          • Cloud database window modification: when starting the application, if some default settings for a 3D printer or resin has been done on the server-side, you will be notified and will have the ability to keep your current settings or using the one from the server.
          • Custom currency can be used in the resin settings and not anymore the default ones.
          • Copy Object: Auto Arrange and Keep Arrangement options are now provided, allowing more choices when Lychee Skcer arranges your copied models.
          • .PWS file format has been added for the Anycubic Photon printers that support this file format.
          • .photon export has been added to the TianFour T280 3D printer
          • Protocol URL: Lychee Slicer can be open through an URL and perform some actions based on the URL.

           New 3D printers

          • Wanhao D7
          • Wanhao D8
          • Wanhao GR1 (Gadoso Revolution)


          • Optimize Printer and resin edition performance
          • Blur Antialiasing minimum value to 2 instead of 5
          • Use the native full screen on MacOS and alt-click on the full-screen button to maximize the interface.
          • App Reload shortcut (was: CTRL+R, now: CTRL+shift+R)


          • Using special characters in the file name or path was crashing the application.
          • Cloud file backup/save: reloading a backup was not working.
          • Compatibility with some 3D mouse.
          • Printer Menu, when not connected to the internet, was not working or making the application crashing.
          • Hollowing on the copied model was crashing the application.
          • .cbddlp and .photon export selector for some 3D printers.
          • island detector missing some island.
          • CMD + h on Macintosh to hide the application
          • Do not show “Default Default Default” resin name.
          • UI small fixes.
          • Various bugs fixed.

          Lychee Slicer 3.2 – 2020-11-26

          This version of Lychee Slicer 3.2 brings many additions, gains in stability and speed. Also, many printers have been added.

          The changelog below lists all the changes and additions. Users who have used the Public Beta versions 3.1.x will find all the additions they have tested.


          • [PRO] 3D Hollowing: It can be exported, but not the holes that remain dynamic and that are generated during the slicing process. Hollowing thickness can be updated at any time. An “Inside” view mode lets you see and add supports easily in the hollowed part of the model, as soon as you are using the 3D hollowing function.
          • [PRO] 3D printers compatibility for Variable Layers Height (different thickness for your layers):
            • Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
            • Phrozen Sonic 4K
            • Elegoo Saturn
            • Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
            • Nova3D Bene 4
            • Nova3D Elfin2 Mono SE
          • [PRO] New “Real” precision mode for Island detection that uses the current 3D printer settings to search for islands: current layer thickness and screen pixel resolution (the Pixel Perfect mode).
          • [PRO] Scale Gizmo in Advanced Support editing mode: when manipulating the Scale cube, you will change the diameter/size of the corresponding selected element of the support. Size is displayed next to the manipulator.
          • [PRO] Angle can be added to the base of the support
          • [PRO] On/Off hollowing switch
          • Transition Layers: this function makes a smooth exposure time transition from the Burn-in Layers (overexposed layers) to regular layers on the 32D printers listed above. It helps to avoid layers split.
          • Duplicate function in Layout has a new option to keep the layout of the selection.
          • Quick Repair object: fixes the holes in 3D models. If the models have non-manifold edges, you still need to use Netfabb Online repair tool.
          • Auto-Save added: Lychee Slicer now save your scene automatically as a Lychee Slicer Lite scene in a subfolder, located at the same place as your scene file. Saves are incremental.
          • Save reminder: Lychee Slicer reminds you to save your new project after a few minutes and then will start the autosave in the background. A preference lets you disable this function.
          • Select supports by preset, in the Support menu
          • Islands are now visible in the Clipping bar.
          • Adding/connecting manual supports to the tip on existing support is now allowed.
          • Light/Medium/Heavy presets hotkeys (CTRL+1/2/3)
          • Supports visibility management in the View menu: you can now hide, unhide, isolate supports.
          • At Scale scene preview (“Show Banana for scale”) in the Preview section.
          • Mobile push notification system for Wifi 3D printers (With PushOver service).
          • Values are automatically highlighted when editing a parameter: type the new number to replace the previous one and hit Enter to validate
          • Export Lychee Slicer Scene is now also available in the Export section.
          • 3D Printer/Resin/Layers information in the Export section
          • Cancel button on during the repair process with Netfabb
          • New menus and sub-menus in the Support section of the application
          • New preference to hide the help floating window, located at the bottom of the window in the Support section.
          • Scale tool displays both the size in units and percentage.
          • Hide Application shortcut on Mac added (cmd+H)

           New 3D printers

          • Nova3D Bene 4 – Overcured Supports, Variable Layer Height, Transition Layers support, Wifi printing and push notifications.
          • Nova3D Elfin2 Mono SE – Overcured Supports, Variable Layer Height, Transition Layers support, Wifi printing and push notifications.
          • Anycubic Photon Mono
          • Anycubic Photon Mono SE
          • Anycubic Photon Mono X
          • Anycubic Photon X
          • Phrozen Sonic 4K – Variable Layer Height Support and Transition Layers support
          • Add compatibility with Longer 10 and Longer 30 on Linux
          • TianFour T280
          • SainSmart Kumitsu KL9
          • Epax E10 4K Mono
          • Epax E6
          • Weistek w5501


          • Chinese translation finalized – Thanks to Zephyr!
          • French translation fully proofread – Thanks to Woufi!
          • Italian translation improved – Thanks to Yanguria!
          • Translation can be reloaded on the fly, for translators only.


          • Global speed improvements.
          • 3D Mouse support improved.
          • Mouse 3D invert by axis.
          • Parenting of supports can be done with a multi-selection of supports.
          • Loaded scenes don’t overwrite support’s presets by their own settings. A preference has been added to revert this behavior.
          • Auto-save is enabled only if there are scene changes (object, supports, layer, holes, minimas).
          • Penetration for drain holes is now set in mm.
          • Non-manifolds models are not displayed in red anymore.
          • Lychee Slicer supports are not flagged anymore as non-manifold after export, then import.
          • Support structures have been optimized, lowering the polygon count.
          • “Export Selected” now exports multiple selected object and their supports.
          • Resin settings now display only the full list of settings. The simplified mode has been removed.
          • Selecting a 3D printer will select the latest associated resin and not the default one.
          • [PRO] Contact form for technical support has been improved. Basic information (computer specifications, selected printer and resin settings) will be associated with your support ticket.
          • Clipping in 3D Mode now displays the slice in white color.
          • Some units now have a decimal (like Liters in resin settings).
          • The escape key can be used in the Measure tool and Tooltip added.
          • Recovery function on startup now does the difference between the auto-recovery and the autoload for the previous scene. The popup can be skipped.
          • The default path for the exported slice is set in the folder where the scene is saved.
          • “Supporting Level” for the Automatic Support has been renamed to “Support Density” and the slider values are now Low, Normal, High and Ultra.
          • Support generation from islands has been moved in the Manual Support section and the behavior has been updated: now it adds a support for each island, except the one that can’t be reached.
          • “Deselect all” only deselect support if supports are selected
          • Effects (Antialiasing, etc) added for Nova3D printers
          • Z Scale on support base increases the base thickness
          • Improve Scene loading time
          • Auto Arrange is now set to off when using the Duplicate function in the Layout section.
          • Select All do not select anymore the hidden objects.


          • The minimum size for objects from the library has been fixed.
          • Recovery scene preference “Ask to reload the previous scene” is now correctly saved.
          • Move (Translate) selection/Deselect all fixed.
          • 3D Printer width/heights incrementation fixed.
          • Improved 3D mouse detection to prevent joystick to be detected as a 3D mouse.
          • For LYS scene files, the Object Editor doesn’t display anymore the full path of the 3D model.
          • The object is not deselected when all the supports have been deselected.
          • Join of the support base going through the build plate.
          • Hollowing thickness is now not affected by the object scale.
          • Shadow on the build plate.
          • Reset Base Length when moving from the object surface to the build plate with a default value.
          • Use default settings for the object to object function.
          • Base Length on support when another support is selected.
          • Enable support on base and tip of parented support.
          • Support gap between elements of the supports.
          • It is not possible to delete the object in the Support section.
          • Make Vertical and Make Straight hotkeys.
          • Asking to login after XX days have been removed.
          • Ram consumption improvement on island detection.
          • WebGL improvements on Linux.
          • Import resin in Adding resin popup.
          • Only remove the supports of the current braced object.
          • Kelant S500 orientation, resulting in resolution error.
          • Antialiased has been fixed for the new Anycubic 3D printers file format (PW0, PWMX, etc.)
          • Antialiasing levels for Anycubic 3D printers.
          • Time calculation with Anycubic 3D printers.
          • The orthographic/perspective setting preserved when creating a new scene.
          • Slice preview was not always visible on export.
          • Outside of the 3D printer volume detection not always working.
          • When the clipping bar is at 0 in the Preview section, the slice is hidden.
          • Selection issue with the Advanced Support edit mode.
          • Multiple bugs.
          • Do not select the 3D model when hovering it in the Layout section.
          • Gap found in mini support
          • Update clipping bar on object lift
          • Scene loading various issues
          • Mesh loading hanging – only select visible support
          • Manage error in .LYS files
          • Object visibility management
          • Advanced Editing mode: radius, if support is a base tip
          • Scale mini in Advanced editing mode
          • Join Length editing
          • Remove Bracing only on the selected support
          • Allow click through the bar located below the top menus
          • “Show” menu is visible in hole mode
          • Detected island placement has been improved, visual feedback is now closer to the real minima position.
          • Scale of support is based on a fixed amount value, not in percentage.
          • Optimized mouse events to reduce lags and inertia in 3D navigation.
          • Base Length changed when modifying multiple support at the same time.
          • Support base visibility when camera is below
          • Island position and accuracy
          • Object selection when loading scene
          • Open recent file needs to clear the scene.
          • Catch nothing to slice – corrupted scene alert
          • Bug on old .LYS files with new hash system on duplicate
          • Bugs on the old parenting system
          • Resize window UI synchronization
          • “File” menu remains open without a clic
          • Multiple UI glitches
          • Selected hidden object on scene loading
          • Fix loading “check for update…” during object loading
          • Cancel when slicing for several 3D printers.
          • SpaceMouse Wireless compatibility.

          Lychee Slicer 3.1.2 – 2020-09-25

          This version is the first stable release of Lychee Slicer 3.


          • New Lychee Slicer lite *.LYT file format includes only data from Lychee Slicer (Supports, etc.) but not the 3D models that have been loaded in the scene. The 3D files must be supplied with the LYT file, the 3D models being an external resource. 
          • Lychee Slicer Scene *.LYS file format version 2. Files will be a little bit bigger, but faster to load. The Legacy Lychee Slicer file format (V1) is still available for backward compatibility.
          • [PRO] Change the 3D Printer screen size by +/- 2% in the 3D printer settings. It can be useful for users who need compensating resin shrinkage.
          • 3D model topology error detection on loading: Lychee Slicer will now warn you if an object has topology/structure issues on loading and will display them in red in the Layout and Preview rooms. Please fix them before slicing them.
          • The Slicing process now detects artifacts caused by topology issues on the 3D model and warns the user. 
          • Activation email can be resent from the user control panel.


          • Lychee Slicer scene file format: now in version 2, see description above.
          • Deleting 3D models that are not found on loading is now possible.
          • Save As to LYS/LYT/LYS through a submenu, with associated shortcuts
          • ALT+D hotkey will not duplicate anymore the object in the Support Room, but only in Layout Room.
          • Importing a model will automatically switch to the Layout Room and will select the 3D model.
          • Free Zone 3D printers ZIP export has been removed.
          • Tooltip added to explain why hollowing and adding hole is disabled when using a FreeZone 3D printer
          • Dimming intensity has been reduced during operations with a progress bar is now: the screen was too dark.


          • [PRO] Join cone does reset base length
          • Mirror ALT support
          • Support menu in the Support Room is now always visible, even if no supports are selected.
          • Several bugs when importing LYS file format
          • OBJ Exporter on large file
          • Erratic movements of the Gizmo
          • Mini support: a gap between elements
          • Tip normal with two points supports
          • Base Length of parented support
          • Supports/Holes tabs position in Free version
          • Allow mouse move in 3D space bellow support/hole right panel
          • Support visibility on duplicate
          • Duplication does not repeat when the hotkey is still pressed
          • Update Advanced Editing Support when changing support settings
          • Support visibility in bracing and in the double parent
          • Text editor will display “X” if no text is entered
          • Raft updated after auto support.

          [3.0.11] – Public Beta – 2020-09-09

          This version is considered as a Release Candidate for the stable version of Lychee Slicer 3.1


          • ALT+D will duplicate the selected support instead of the object. Quickly duplicate supports in position and refine them, creating overlapped supports.
          • Use ALT key in the Measurement tool to snap on the axis
          • Show inch/mm in measure tool
          • HID debug for 3DMouse (for debugging purposes)


          • Do not allow direct drag of Variable Layer points


          • Mini supports shape
          • Magic not running if auto orientation set to false
          • Slice  empty areas were not pure black
          • Centered text geometry
          • Inverted mirror in slicing
          • Slicing speed improved
          • Variable Layer import when resin does not exist was preventing the file loading
          • Visible overflow in layer range if Variable layers are too high
          • Estimated Print Time when using Variable Layers were inaccurate
          • Variable Layer settings corruption in some file formats
          • Variable Layer change unit
          • OBJ Exporter
          • Different Object to Object support visibility on loading

          [3.0.10] – Public Beta – 2020-09-07


          • Mini supports now can be added by using CTRL+Alt key


          • User Interface modification for the Supports and Holes tabs in the Support palette.
          • Hide Base Length
          • Change “offTime” name
          • Support presets dropdown has been renamed to “Custom” and replacing the little down arrow.
          • Slightly revert the Supports settings behavior on creation.


          • Slices Artefacts in Hollowing
          • Raft artifacts
          • Support orientation precision on object
          • Object OnPlate tool accuracy
          • Resin display in variable layers
          • Support Preset Highlight when overriding Presets
          • Join Cone diameters
          • Fit To bed max scale
          • Support Base visibility and colors
          • Increase Base Length accordingly to the Base Cone setting
          • Complex scene loading
          • Loading when double click on a file starting the app
          • Fliped object
          • STL loading
          • UI library margin and sort properties
          • Estimated time
          • Import .lys with small objects
          • Magic stop if auto Orient fails

          [3.0.8] – Public Beta – 2020-09-01


          • [PRO] Variable layer support for .PHZ and .CTB file format (Elegoo Mars Pro, Phrozen Sonic Mini, Sonic Mini 4K, Epaxx 3D printers, etc).
          • Supports updated workflow: the creation of new supports will keep the parameters of selected support. Without support selection, the current preset (Light/Medium/Heavy) will be used.
          • Support Presets now have colors and indicators, based on the selection. If a Support based on a preset is slightly modified, like tip size has been changed, the tab will display a darker blue: the support is close to the corresponding presets.
          • [PRO] Improved Supports panel:
            • New design with icons and tabs reorganization.
            • New Base Tip tab: displays the corresponding settings for the base tip of a Support, when starting for the 3D model and not the build platform.
            • Join diameters sliders have been moved to the Mid tab.
            • “All” tab is now the default one.
          • History menu in Edit menu: allows you to undo/redo multiple steps at the same time.
          • File/Open Recent files
          • File/Import Recent files
          • Magic Menu now has a preset support selector

          New 3D Printer

          • Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K


          • Default values for Supports sizes have been updated, mostly for tip and diameters. Click on the little down arrow next to the “Heavy” support preset, then click on Reset Presets Light/Medium/Heavy to use the new settings.
          • Improved tip position finding in Auto Supports.
          • Supports Mirror mode: prevent support creation non connected to the model (for models with partial symmetry).
          • Manual support sizes behavior updated (See description in “Added”)
          • Improved performances in auto-orientation, slicing initialization, and more.
          • [PRO] Advanced support Cascade/Stop selector moved in preferences.


          • Clipping Range top limit.
          • Undo for Supports in mirror mode.
          • Minima count shows NaN.
          • Penetration and tip diameters were reset at each startup.
          • CTB File Format fixed.
          • PHZ File Format fixed.
          • Phrozen Sonic Mini Resin editor displaying unused settings.
          • Support visibility for children supports.
          • Do not select a hidden object when doing a marquee selection.
          • Object list position.
          • Support to Support Diameters.
          • Auto bracing diameter.
          • Prevent bigger joint than Parent on manual Support to Support.
          • Prevent base-length value to be higher than tip position.
          • Prevent modify Base Length when modifying other settings on multiple support.
          • Allow having bigger base diameters.
          • Support Join Cone visibility.
          • Cathedral support can’t Parent.
          • Raft minimum scale is now able to go down to 80%.
          • Triangle Raft.
          • Multiple object selection with the shift key.
          • Preview of multiple objects rotate and scaling.
          • AutoOrient bug on free-zone printer.
          • Double Clic on rotation gizmo when multiple objects are selected.
          • Prevent bracing on to close supports.
          • Various internal Bugs.

          [3.0.7] – Public Beta – 2020-08-25


          • Press ALT key to display without delay, the advanced tooltips (tooltips content is in progress).
          • [PRO] Creation of supports in Advanced mode with ALT key is now possible. ALT+Double-click to create supports that go to the ground/base.
          • New Support Menu preference: Safe distance from Object. This setting defines the minimum distance Supports can be from the 3D models. It’s set by default to 0.5 mm.
          • New Auto Support preference: Parent Diameter Growth. This setting will increase the thickness of support pillars depending on the number of supports parented with this support.
          • New Auto Support preference: create supports only from Islands.


          • Performance improvements for support creation, manipulation, undos/redos, manipulation of 3D models with supports in the Layout room, and more.
          • Creating a new scene now clears the undo history.
          • Various user interface minor edits.
          • Better collision detection on large/tall supports.
          • Fit to bed function takes rotation into account as well as Z size.


          • Support Visibility Mode only in Support Menu.
          • Bracing diameter is now based on parent diameter.
          • Penetration and Tip Diameter values correctly stored.
          • Place Support in Advanced Mode.
          • Resin selection size.
          • Mac objects visibility.
          • Visual glitches on support bases when a Support is selected.
          • Support visibility after specific actions.
          • Island visible while being on the build plate.
          • Supports are preserved when updating the STL in the Layout room.
          • Magic button popup out of the application window.
          • Hole between bracing parts.
          • Raft selection glitch.

          [3.0.5] – Public Beta – 2020-08-12


          • New help tooltip system Work in Progress
          • Import/Export Resin profile from Lychee Slicer and other slicers
          • Auto orientation now try to fix the object inside de bounding box

          New 3D Printers

          Note: these new 3D printers are in “Beta” as the Mango 3D team doesn’t have access to most of these machines. First, please do a “blank” print by removing the build platform and resin tank and seeing if everything looks fine. Then try a simple and small print, before starting your regular prints.

          • QIDI Shadow 6.0 Pro
          • QIDI S-box
          • Phrozen Shuffle XL Lite
          • Peopoly Phenom Noir
          • Peopoly Phenom L
          • Kelant S500
          • JGAURORA G3
          • Elegoo Mars C
          • Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
          • EPAX X156 4K
          • EPAX X1-N
          • EPAX X1-K
          • EPAX X1-DJ
          • Phrozen Sonic XL 4K
          • Creality LD-002R
          • Creality LD-002H


          • Supports optimization
          • PHZ files now have a background color
          • ALT key now can force Lychee Slicer to create manual support when it’s theoretically impossible to add this support
          • No more breakpoint sphere when in supports are mini
          • 3D printers are now organized by brand


          • Support Advanced Editing Gizmo mouse interaction
          • Account Menu UI issue
          • Support colliding with hidden object
          • Netfabb connexion
          • PHZ file format
          • UI various issues
          • Double parent support too big
          • Printer modal bug
          • Bring back CWS for MangOS
          • Floating support when moving object
          • Export estimation time

          [3.0.3] – Public Beta – 2020-08-04


          • [PRO] Triangle Raft


          • No more hole number limitation
          • Bracing Algorithm optimization
          • Auto Support/Bracing/Parenting Algorithm speed optimization
          • Allow create/delete bracing on selected supports only


          • Menu Export UI Bugs
          • Netfabb timeout
          • Minor bugs
          • File Extension when exporting to an external drive
          • Lag at the end of Parenting Algorithm
          • Mang’OS export
          • Manual Bracing diameter
          • Support position when Mirroring Object
          • Bracing colliding Object