Happy Halloween from the Lychee SLicer Team!

The entire Lychee Slicer team wishes you a terrifying and particularly gruesome Halloween!
But let’s face it, we prefer treats to tricks and for the occasion, we’ve prepared a little surprise with some particularly scary lychees that you can 3D print and paint to your liking.

Download the free 3D models in Lychee Slicer format now. They are ready to print because they are already supported.

  • The 3D prints have been tested on Creality Halot Sky, Elegoo Saturn, Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, Anycubic Mono X and Phrozen Mega 8K.
  • The supports can be torn off although a clean cut is recommended.
  • Most of the models are hollowed out. Be careful with the cleaning inside, the holes are small. In case of doubt, deactivate the hollowing in Prepare and remove the holes, the resin saving is quite low.

Lychee Slicer scene (*.LYS)

Here is a preview of some of the 3D models in the download pack. There are variations between some of the models, letting you choose the ones you like best.

Share on social media your 3D printed lychees that you painted with disgust, using the hashtag #LycheeSlasher!

We’ll be happy to share your horrors with the community… scare them!

Made by the Lychee Slicer Team

This is a project made 100% in-house by the Lychee Slicer team members. We develop our software because we are fans of 3D printing but also because we are creative people first! That’s why we put so much love and passion into developing Lychee Slicer.

Behind this project there is Daniel who made the designs, Thomas and Alexandre who sculpted the 3D models, made the supports, 3D prints and finally Alexandre who made the painting.

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