Lychee Slicer / Pro Pricing

Get a modern and versatile slicer for your favorite SLA 3D Printer

Simply download Lychee Slicer, use it for Free. Try the Pro features for 30 days for free and subscribe from within the application.

Pro Version Special Offer

Save 40% on a yearly subscription and 33% on a monthly license

Lychee Slicer 3 Launch Special Offer! – Pro subscription can be purchased directly within Lychee Slicer application through our secured system

Automatic subscription renewal – Cancel at any time. For the first year only, €29.99 billed yearly (Regular price: €4.17/month, €49.99 billed yearly) or €3.99 billed monthly (Regular price: €5.99 billed monthly)

Upgrades from Lychee Slicer 2 to Lychee Slicer 3

License owners of Lychee Slicer 2 have a free upgrade to Lychee Slicer 3 and benefit from all the latest improvements and additions. In opposition to new users, upgrades from Lychee Slicer V2 will not display advertising. All the 3D printers are included and don’t require additional purchases. We also offer to all Lychee 2 customers one year of Pro subscription.

* Also tips and tricks about Lychee Slicer and cool stuff. Ads are only related to 3D printings, 3D tools, and 3D software. ** Only with supported 3D printers.
Payment options: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), Paypal, Apple Pay and more


Q: Is Lychee Slicer 3 really free?
A: Yes, it is not a trial version, it’s a non-limited version of Lychee Slicer. Only advanced features, targeted to advanced users and professionals are available through the Pro version, through a paid subscription. However, the Free version will display advertising before slicing your model for exporting.

Q: I would like to export my slice, but without advertising and I’m not interested in the Pro subscription, what can I do?
A: You can purchase only the printer of your choice for a small price, and you will no see advertising when slicing for this 3D printer. Purchases need to be done from within the application.
However, this option is not available yet and will be added to the application soon.

Q: What happens if I stop my subscription??
A: You will revert to the Free version of Lychee Slicer. Nothing will be lost, from your resin profiles to your 3D models. Lychee Slicer Free can open files made with Lychee Slicer Pro.

Q: Can I try the Pro version?
A: Yes! Just download Lychee Slicer 3 and, at any time, start a free 30-days trial of the Pro version from within the application.

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