Compare Lychee Slicer 3 and 3 PRO

Lychee Slicer is available as a Free version and a Pro version. Pro offers additional functionality in several categories listed below.

The Pro version provides users revolutionary advanced support editing and ground breaking manual support creation.

All this and more for the lowest price of any paid file preparation software.

Lychee Slicer 3

New users and free upgrades from V2

Lychee Slicer 3 Pro

3D printers


V2 upgrades : No ads
Free: With advertising on slicing


No ads

3D printer and resin management

Import/export resin profiles, including other slicer software

Auto arrange / orient / object to object / On plate objects
Magic Button: Auto orient, add supports and more
STL/OBJ update while keeping existing supports

Manual update

Automatic update

High-resolution 3D models

3D Prints History (Keep track of your prints)

Object listing / visibility / scene manager

Fixing 3D models errors with Netfabb Online service

Autosave (incremental) and saving reminder

Supports and Rafts
Supports Presets

Automatic Supports

Manual Supports

Supports editing (adding, deleting, sizes)

Supports inside the model
Supports in mirror mode

Mini supports

Manual Bracing and Parenting / support tree

Manual cathedral supports

Manual supports continuous mode

Support shapes (base, middle, tip)


Support Presets (Light/Medium/Heavy)

Select supports from presets

Supports visibility: hide, isolate, etc.

Island detector

Island detector “Real” mode / native slice resolution


Limited number of shapes

Improved supports

Advanced supports editing

Advanced supports settings

Advanced supports free-floating mode

Support break point (ball type)
Support base with join cone

Support base with angle (tapper shape)

3D Tools and Functions

2D Hollowing

Unlimited holes

Unlimited holes

2D Hollowing infill

Single lattice

Single and double lattices

2D Hollowing infill dimming

3D Hollowing – High Quality

3D Measurements


Models split views (half objects, slice only, etc.)

3D clipping view

Clipping quality


High, Pixel Perfect

3D Printer Simulator
Slicing and export


High quality

High quality

Slicing Effects

Antialiasing x2 x4 x8

Antialiasing x2 x4 x8 and effects

Variable Layer Height *

Over-cured support *

Decrease curing time for Burn-in layers *

Export slices in native 3D printer format

STL/OBJ export with supports

Connection with command line applications/scripts

Connection with UVTools and Command-line scripts

* Only on supported 3D printers


Wifi and Network printing (supported printers only)

Import/export resin profiles, including from slice files

Shortcut Editor

Screen size compensation

Multiple languages (Community-based)
Space Mouse Support

Two activations per license, cross-platform

Technical Support

Community support
Official Discord server

Lifetime uers: Email support (in-app)

Email support (in-app)
Official Discord server

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