Lychee Slicer

Lychee Slicer

A powerful and versatile slicer for SLA resin 3D printers

With Lychee Slicer, prepare your 3D models for 3D printing: define the best orientation, create supports automatically, or manually, and preview before sending them to your 3D printer.

The Slicer is the mandatory companion for your SLA/resin 3D Printer, whether it is an Anycubic, Elegoo, Phrozen, Creality, EPAX, or many other 3D printers. It helps you prepare your model with ease and precision, slice your models with accuracy and gives you a lot of cool features like real-time hollowing, island detector, advanced support edition, suction cup detector, batch tool, and more.

3D model: Artisan Guild

Easy to use interface

With its easy to use interface, available in many languages, you will get to work with Lychee Slicer in just a few minutes.

Full Automatic Mode with Magic Menu

Thanks to the Magic Menu, you can automate the preparation of your model. Save time by automating the orientation, Supports addition, optimizing, and adding a raft to ensure printability.

Powerful automatic supports

3D print Supports, these tiny pillars, are a crucial element for successful prints. But mastering these supports can be science by itself. Lychee provides very powerful and smart automatic supports algorithms.

Be in Control

Lychee Slicer offers more demanding users the control over the whole 3D printing preparation process and, in particular, the Supports control. With advanced tools and settings, it is possible to create Supports for the most challenging 3D models.

3D Printed supported

Chances are your printer is supported by Lychee: Anycubic Photon S, Longer Orange 30, Elegoo Mars Pro, to name a few. And we’re adding more regularly.

The SLA 3D Printing Slicer for all industries

Lychee Slicer is designed to fit all types of users in need of printing with a resin 3D printer. Our continuous development cycle allows us to add over the time features that answer the needs of all users and add functions specific to an industry.

3D model: Dark Figurines

Figurines and Minis

3D model :  Nirvanna

Jewelry Design

3D model: 3D

Dental and Orthodontics

Product Design / Makers

Advanced Support Management

Our development heavily focuses on improving supports algorithms to produce optimum results for easy and quick prints. We also provide smart and powerful tools for advanced users who need full control over their supports.

Parenting & Bracing

Automatically create connections between supports for improved strength and saving resin cost.

Island Detector

Find easily areas that require supports with the detection of islands. Spot them in seconds.

Mirror Support

Place your supports symmetrically with the help of the mirror option saving you production time.

Overhang Preview

Lychee shows you in real-time areas that need supports. Add supports to reduce or remove these areas.

Dynamic Raft

Several raft shapes that fit your model can be added to ensure a strong bed adhesion.

Realtime operations

Because printing a model can take hours (or days!), it is crucial to anticipate the 3D printing constraints, and being sure the optimizations you are doing, like hollowing, are done the right way. Lychee Slicer provides several tools and functions that are working realtime: check the result right away and reduce the risks of printing failures.

Realtime Hollowing

You can hollow your model directly in Lychee without using any other 3D software. Everything is real-time in the slicer view.

Drain Holes

Add drainage holes quickly and dynamically. You do not need to use an external 3D software.

Realtime Preview

Preview your slices in real-time in the 3D view of the slicer, allowing you to check for potential 3D model imperfections.

Lychee 3D Printers Compatibility list

Lychee Slicer supports a growing list of 3D Printers natively: prepare, optimize, and slice before exporting in a native format for your 3D printer. There is a high chance that your 3D printer is supported.

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