Lychee Slicer Premium

Lychee Slicer PREMIUM

3D printing has no limit



Activate Lychee Slicer on 4 devices, and always continue your workflow.


Time is valuable. Get direct access to Premium support to answer your queries.


Your image is important and valuable. Control and use your brandind through Lychee Slicer.

Always stay connected

With Lychee Slicer Premium, you can now activate your account into 4 devices per user. Always continue your production and printing workflow.

Never stop creating, never stop printing.

Get a Premium Support

Benefit from a privileged access to our Premium Support. A specific channel is dedicated on our Discord server to help our Premium users with any technical issues you may have.

What is Discord? Discord is a social media platform mainly used by 3D creators and artists. It helps gather a community around one or several subjects. We appreciate it because we have a strong community there, and we have many possibilities to keep in touch with you!

Manage your branding

With the Premium version, you can go further with your branding. Now you can add notes to your objects and include images like your logo and other branding content.

Also, you can add your own branding to our Community Resin Profiles. Certify the profiles you use to share your knowledge with your community.

Why switch to Premium?

Do you need to have access to Lychee Slicer on different devices without being interrupted? Do you want to save time when reaching out to the support? Are you eager to master your 3D printing tools? Then, the Premium version is perfect for your needs!

Whether you are a studio or a company working with several devices per user, the Premium version will reshape your workflow

Get all the advantages of the performance of the Pro version, with additional features that will make you save time and improve your quality of work.

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Will I have access to all the Pro features with my Premium subscription?

The Premium subscription is an option you can add to your Pro subscription. To access the Pro features, you have to get a Pro subscription. You can’t subscribe to the Premium option without having a Pro subscription. 

What are the benefits of getting the Premium version?

There are many! Whether you need multiple connections in your 3D printing process or a dedicated channel on our Discord Server to answer your question, or if you need to learn more about 3D printing constantly, then Lychee Slicer Premium is made for you!

For who is the Premium version?

For everyone! The features offered in the Premium version are for everyone.

If you are a heavy hobbyist, working on several devices, it is now possible with the Premium version. If you are a professional, you can now have several devices per user and manage your branding directly on Lychee Slicer!

If I downgrade to the Free or Pro version, will I still be able to open my previous files?

Yes! Lychee Slicer Pro or Free can still open files prepared with the Premium version.  You will be able to open the file you prepared with your Premium version, but you won’t have access to the Premium features anymore. For example, your object notes with images will still be there, but you won’t be able to edit them anymore.

How do the 4 activations work?

With the Premium version, you can have 4 activations per user. It means that you can have Lychee Slicer connected to up to 4 devices with your account, but you can’t share your account with other users.

Ready to unleash the capabilities of 3D Printing?

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