Break out your High-Res files. The Halot Series printers from Creality have arrived on Lychee Slicer!

The Lychee Slicer team is thrilled to announce native support for the full range of Halot Series printers new from Creality. We’re very pleased to partner with a longtime 3d printing industry leader in Creality to bring you the most seamless integrations!

Now you can enjoy all of Lychee Slicer’s powerful features and user-friendly interface with the Halot. Our users love the smart auto-support, precision placement manual support, and intuitive island detection built right in. We give you full control over your model preparation.

Of course, you can export the highest quality & highest resolution sliced files with Lychee Slicer. We capture the digital details down to a microscopic level for your Halot printer to give you the maximum quality, thanks to our revolutionary pixel-based engine in Lychee Slicer.

All three models in the new Halot range are now supported in Lychee Slicer and all three function a bit differently than you may be used to. The layer thickness and anti-aliasing settings are set in Lychee Slicer while the other settings like exposure time, lifting speeds are input directly to the Halot’s touch screen. 

All the powerful features and supporting tools you love in Lychee Slicer will be at your fingertips and fully compatible with Creality’s new design. 

We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for users of Lychee Slicer as we continue to work with our friends at Creality, to implement and integrate some really cool new features!

Lychee Slicer and Halot Sky in action

The Lychee Slicer team is not only coding and designing features! We are also devoting time at the studio (and at home!) to printing models! This is the best way to understand our users’ needs and test the latest 3D printers.

Here is a quick look at the printing process done in-house of the amazing “Gojira” sculpt by our friend Lord of the Print.

Lychee Slicer is now available for all users of the application, either as a free version or with a Pro subscription. Download the latest version from our download center or directly from the software.

Join our community now on our Discord server. It’s free and we are already several thousand to exchange and share around 3D printing with Lychee Slicer.

Publication date: 08/14/2021

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