YouTuber Uncle Jessy introduces Lychee Slicer

In a recent video, the popular Youtuber Uncle Jessy released a new video about Lychee Slicer. In his video, he talks about our slicer and its new updates!

He highlights the fact that you can now print on new printers now supported by Lychee Slicer. You can use the Elegoo Mars 3, the Photon Mono 4K, the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K and  many other printers.

Another big feature is the community profiles! If you are wondering which parameter could be good for your printer,  don’t ask anymore! You can now have a look at the community profiles and see which parameters will suit you the best. These profiles are generated with data shared by our community.

They are a real help if you want to save time and money. When we launched this feature, we already had more than 180 000 different profiles. We can’t wait to see it grow with your new contributions!

We wanted to make a small correction to what Uncle Jessy says in his video: the repair tool is available in both our flavors, Free and Pro, nice!

With this new version, you can see profiles and recommendations directly made by the manufacturers or the makers.

For example, here is the profile made by Uncle Jessy on Lychee Slicer for the Elegoo Mars 3:

Uncle Jessy community resin profile

Enjoy your watch and see you soon on Lychee Slicer to try our new features!

Lychee Slicer is available for all users, either as a Free version or with a Pro subscription. Download the latest version from our download center right now or update directly from Lychee Slicer.

We’d love for you to join our community on our Discord server, it’s completely free! Several thousand users are exchanging ideas and sharing their 3D printing experience with Lychee Slicer every day.

Publication date: January 24, 2022

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