Introduction videos to Lychee Slicer

by Michael Pavlovich

What better way to learn software than with a video tutorial? And what better way to be taught by an expert?

Veteran artist Michael Pavlovich has released a tutorial series dedicated to Lychee Slicer that covers the basics and the most advanced features.

He is very famous for his videos about the 3D sculpting software ZBrush. Here at Mango 3D, we are heavy users and lovers of this software.

We invite you to watch the playlist of 6 videos in English, even if you already have a good knowledge of Lychee Slicer. You’ll see that there’s a lot to learn and discover new tricks and tips about Lychee Slicer.

1st video:

All about Layout section: import, 3d navigation, resin profiles, model arrangement and more.

2nd video:

Hollowing 3D and Hollowing 2D, adding holes, and Blockers!

3rd video:

Understanding Islands, creating and adjusting supports, parenting, bracing, and everything about model preparations.

4th video:

Auto supports, customizing supports, internal supports, rafts, and more!

5th video:

Slicing, simulating, and exporting resin settings & slices to any printer.

6th video:

3D Printing Setup with ZBrush: working at scale, splitting, naming, and exporting

Did you know that Mike got into resin 3D printing a few weeks ago when he received his first printer, an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. He has already mastered the software in such a short time, another proof that Lychee Slicer allows you to start in this world with ease and in record time!

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to his Youtube channel, even more if you want to start 3D modeling/sculpting. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit his ArtStation to discover his 3D artworks, each one more impressive than the other.

About Michael Pavlovich

About Michael Pavlovich

Michael Pavlovich graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation. He started at Electronic Arts creating environment art on Madden and NCAA Football, then brought comic books characters to life in DC Universe Online at Daybreak Games. Currently, Michael is the Director of Character, Weapon, and Vehicle Art at Certain Affinity in Austin, TX, specializing in 3D concept art pipelines for video game franchises including Halo, Call of Duty and DOOM.

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Publication date: January 27, 2022

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