Valentine's day with Lychee Slicer

Valentine’s Day is coming – 3D printing ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tic Tac, Valentine’s Day is coming!
This time of the year is a new chance to show your love to your significant other. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you might be wondering what to offer or to make.

As the years go by, it might get harder and harder to find a new way to express your love. The Mango 3D team is here to help you with this challenging task! This is why we compiled a selection of STL files you can download and prepare in Lychee Slicer for Valentine’s Day. From earrings to decorations to a cute photo stand, we gathered some of the cutest STL files for Valentine’s Day. Dive into this article to discover some 3D printing ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Illuminate your love (free)

Hang this neon sign in your home to show how bright your love is!

We suggest: printing it and filling it with color-changing neon lighting! Also, you might need to scale the print. At Mango 3D, we printed it on a 50% scale.

File by The Ordner
Neon on Amazon

An eternal rose for an everlasting love (free)

Real roses fade, but true love doesn’t. Show your love with this eternal rose.

We suggest: printing several roses to make an eternal bouquet and learning the meaning of color roses to know which color to pick!

File by Hunter Stevenson

Geometric hearts earrings (free)

With these earrings, your other half will always think about you when wearing them. Print, paint, add earrings hoops, and voila!

We suggest: using a gold, silver, or copper color to paint these earrings to make them shiny! Don’t forget to apply first a black primer coating to make your paint looks even shinier!

File by Jiayin (Kay) Lu

Earrings hooks on Amazon

Design vase (free)

This vase is perfect to put the flower you bought for your love!

We suggest: painting it in the favorite color of your lover and filling it with her favorite flowers!

File by Sergio Menéndez

Love sign (free)

Show and tell your love with this “LOVE” sign. Here, “love” is written in sign language.

We suggest: using them as a cute decoration on a bookshelf!

File by Dadddy

Heart-shaped jewel box (free)

This little jewelry box is perfect if you want to offer a jewel or a small-sized gift.

What we suggest: painting the box using the favorite colors of your significant other and write a little love note on the inside of the cap. Don’t forget to add holes to avoid suction cup.

The plus? You can personalize it with different options with the “Customizer” option on Thingiverse.

File by Alex Also

A love photo stand (free)

These photos stands are perfect for displaying your love. You can put them in your home, in your office… Well, wherever they make you happy!

We suggest: print and hanging the cutest photo couples that you have!

File by BQ 3D

Light up your Valentine’s Day date dinner (free & paid)

With these tea candle holders, you can illuminate your themed Valentine’s Day dinner. We selected two different models. Pick the one you prefer – or both!

We suggest: using transparent resin for the second model, with a LED tea candle for more extended use!

File by Grégory – model 1 (paid)
File by Greg Zumwalt – model 2 (free) 

A love bookmark (paid)

This cute hearted-bookmark is perfect if your other half is crazy about books (and about you)!

We suggest: writing or engraving your initials in the heart!

File by Merve Oztemel

Hearted dice (free)

If you love playing games with your other half, use this dice for your Valentine’s Day date!

We suggest: prepare fun games to play during your date!

File by Celtarra12

Customizable Spotify Keychains (free)

Express your love with these customizable keychains. Deliver the right message with it!

We suggest: customizing it as much as you can!

The plus? Personalize them with different options with the “Customizer” option on Thingiverse.

File by Outward Buckle

Loving clown (free)

This little clown is your help to communicate your love!

We suggest: add a handwritten message with it!

File by RandomizY

These ideas might give you some help for Valentine’s Day! Don’t hesitate to share with us what you printed!

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Publication date: 02/04/2022

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