Meet The Team

Mango 3D develops software and hardware solutions for the 3D printing world, for individuals, professionals, and manufacturers. Our main software, Lychee Slicer, is one of the leaders in file preparation before 3D printing, used by a rapidly growing number of users.

Our team is made up of 3D printing enthusiasts and is dedicated to providing our users with ever more innovative and powerful solutions. Let meet and even chat with us on our Discord server!


President, associate, and co-funder

Business Guru, the hidden force of Mango 3D


CTO, associate, and co-funder

Code wizard, never sleep, 3D printer builder


CEO – Marketing – Product Development

3D printing intravenously, can’t stop asking new features


Sysadmin – Lead web developer

“Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom”


3D developer

Math for breakfast, algorithm for lunch, tools for diner


Backend Developer

In the dark side, we have cookies


Frontend Developer

Give me more tasks!


Frontend Developer

Mining 24/7


Technical Support Manager

He sculpts, paints, makes molds, does photos, live stream, too much to list!


3D Developer

Keep calm and change everything


3D Developer

Do black magic with his code. Formula one lover. Doesn’t like photos!


Graphic Designer

Designosaurus Rex



Saves Thomas’ life too often!

We design and develop experiences that make people's lives easier.

At Mango 3D we are a core team of developers and electronics engineers who are passionate about 3D printing and adjacent technologies. We develop software and hardware solutions for individuals, professionals, and manufacturers.

Mango 3D is based in Belgium, and France

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