Lychee Resin - organic, lovely fruit odor, water washable, safe for nature!

After years of intense research and development, we are pleased to announce the future availability of our first resin: Lychee Resin-LR1

At Mango 3D, we cherish 3D printing, but there are still some major problems in our eyes: resin toxicity, odors, and annoying cleaning.

And our new resin solves all these problems!

Truly organic, composed of 87% fruit juice and 12% glucose syrup derivatives, for a really pleasant smell.

We successfully replaced the toxic monomer components by polyols, derived from starch. No need for gloves to protect you.

Our resin is water-washable, but opposed to others, without any risk to the environment and is 100% safe for aquatic life. (Yes, really!!)

No risk of allergy, compatible with skin contact, tested by our team of dermatologists. It’s even the only food-safe resin available on the market.

And of course, Lychee Resin LR1 can produce very precise 3D prints, allowing the most demanding users to obtain amazing results, and with the bonus of exposure times divided by 4.

Despite its organic composition and high sugar content, the touch is outstanding, the flexibility is subtle and it resists time, even when exposed to high UV light.

And finally, its glass bottle is recyclable and the remains of resins can be mixed together to create new strong colors and avoid being left with unused bottle leftovers.

Our lychee LR1 resin will be available during the second quarter of 2022 in 500 mL, 1L, and 5L. Available flavors: Lychee, Mango, and Kiwi/Mint.

3D model by Maarten Verhoeven

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