Lychee Slicer Summer Painting Contest
Lychee Slicer Summer Painting Contest

Switch on your printer, open Lychee Slicer, prepare your brushes and let’s get down to painting!

This summer, put your painting skills into action as it’s time for the Lychee Summer Painting Contest! During 3 weeks, 2 pre-supported 3D models will be available to be printed and painted. Your goal is to paint and present the model of your choice in the best way possible! Opt for a blue painting, in front of underwater scenery, or choose a green painting with your model surrounded by a kind of jungle. The choice is yours!


You can enter this contest from 1st August 2022 until the 22nd August 2022 at 12:00 AM CET – French Time (3:00 AM PST).

To enter the contest, you have several steps to follow: 

  • Enter our Discord (if it is not already the case)
  • Read the instructions and download the Zip file available on our Discord channel #rule_painting
  • Select the pre-supported model you want to print and paint. You can print and paint both models, but only one participation will be taken into account. The one with the highest number of votes will be selected.
  • Print it and paint it the way you want
  • Take a picture of your final print in a beauty shot
  • Like Lychee Slicer Instagram page, Grumpii Art’s Instagram page and Stone King’s Instagram page
  • Post the final photo on our Discord Channel #paint_final. Optionally, you can also post it on other social media like Instagram, but don’t forget to tag @Grumpii Art or @Stone King and @Lychee Slicer!
  • Invite your friends, family, neighbors… (well, everyone you know) to like your photo!

There will be two winners for each contest! So pick the model you want, and let’s print!



Now let’s get to the exciting part, which prizes can you win?

For this first edition of the Lychee Summer Painting Contest, there will be 4 Pro one-year subscriptions of Lychee Slicer to win (if you already have one, the subscription is extended for a year). The winners’ painted model will appear on our beloved Lychee Slicer’s splash screen and will also be posted on our social media!



For this first contest, we collaborated with Grumpii Art. Grumpii Art is a lover of dinos and turned them into cute art toys and plushies! We really appreciated his work, and wanted to share it with to you!

The model you will have to print and paint for this contest is a Derpii, a cute dino with a grumpy face!

If you want to follow Grumpii Art’s work, you can follow him there: 

– Grumpii’s Twitter:

– Grumpii’s Instagram:

– Grumpii’s Patreon:



Grumpii Art model
Magma Dragon by Stone King


We also collaborated with Stone King. Stone King has a passion for board games and minis! He modelizes and creates printable miniatures and components to pimp your games!

The model you will have to print and paint for this contest is a Magma Dragon, an impressive dragon on fire!

If you want to follow Stone King’s work, you can follow him there:

– Stone King’s MyMiniFactory:

– Stone King’s Instagram:

– Stone King’s Patreon:


Winners will be announced on 29th August on every of our social media accounts. Prizes will be distributed at the same time! 

After these 3 weeks of competition, the vote will be set up in two parts: First based on the reactions made under each participant posts in our Discord #paint_final channel, and encourage your friends to come and vote for you! The second is carried out by the Lychee Slicer team and Grumpii according to criteria of involvement, respect of instructions and quality.

You can choose to print and paint both models, but only one participation will be taken into account. The one with the higher vote rate will be selected.

You can only enter the contest with one of the two models available. You can not enter the contest with any other model.

During the competition, you can repost your work on social media through hashtags #lycheeslicer and #lycheesummerpainting. We also have a specific channel #paint_in_progress on our Discord where you can share your evolution.

Finally, you can find all the details on our Discord, along with specific channels where you can discuss your work, exchange tips, and monitor the progress of participants’ creations.

Hope you feel excited. Get your brushes and let’s start!

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