Lychee Slicer Summer Painting Contest is Over
Lychee Slicer Summer Painting Contest is Over

This summer, you might have had the opportunity to participate in our very first contest, the Lychee Summer Painting Contest! 🎨

As a reminder, the contest took place during the first 3 weeks of August. The goal was to paint and present the model of your choice in the best possible way! To do so, 2 designers were highlighted for their models.
They were @Grumpii Art and @Stone King! A big thank you to them for providing us with their models, and for their responsiveness.
We hope you enjoyed the competition too and feel proud of the creations that were made! During these 3 weeks, almost 1000 people used the 3D models to print and create!
On our Discord, in the channel paint_final, you have sent your creations and you have shown your talent as a painter and your capacity of adapting to the requested instructions. And for that, congratulations!

Now it’s time to vote!

During this week, you will be invited to take some time and vote for your favorite creation.

The Lychee Slicer team will also gather together and vote to choose our winners 🌟

As announced, there will be 4 One-year Pro subscription to be won! Here is the breakdown:

  •  1 winner based on community feedback on the StoneKing’s model
  • 1 winner based on community feedback on the GrumpiiArt’s model
  • 1 winner from the Lychee Slicer team’s voting on the StoneKing’s model
  • 1 winner from the Lychee Slicer team’s voting on GrumpiiArt’s model

    How to vote? 

    ➔ Take a look above at all the creations that have been made in this channel #🎨┃paint_final
    ➔ Vote for your favorites Grumpii and your favorites StoneKing using the dedicated reaction (you can vote for many prints, but one the ones with the most reactions will win, so invite your friend to vote for you 😉 )
    ➔ Vote ends on August 29th 2022 at 10AM GMT**

All results will be published on August 29th 2022 at 3PM GMT, so stay tuned!

PS: We just wanted to add something; you did a great job during this contest and we are proud of you! We are amazed to see how creative you are! 🤩

If you liked this kind of contest, we will definitely do more!

Let’s take a look to your creations!


Grumpii Art is a lover of dinos and turned them into cute art toys and plushies! We really appreciated his work and wanted to highlight it through this contest!

If you want to follow Grumpii Art’s work, you can follow him there:

– Grumpii’s Twitter:

– Grumpii’s Instagram:

– Grumpii’s Patreon:

 Thank you Grumpii Art for your art and your responsiveness!


Grumpii Art model
Magma Dragon by Stone King


Stone King has a passion for board games and minis! He modelizes and creates printable miniatures and components to pimp your games!

If you want to follow Stone King’s work, you can follow him there:

– Stone King’s MyMiniFactory:

– Stone King’s Instagram:

– Stone King’s Patreon:

Thank you Stone King for your time and your awesome design skills!

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